Britain’s Got Talent- Should Jai have won?

Britain’s Got Talent has been brilliant this week with semi finals galore and two acts each night reaching the grand final. Ten acts competed for the winning spot last night and 24-year-old Jai McDowall was victorious but was this shock winner the best of the bunch?

The semi finals showed a variety of good and bad acts including dancing dogs, bell ringers and dancing old men performing to make the finals and what a week it has been. But last night showed the best 10 acts trying their best to win with Jai eventually triumphing and winning the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Show and winning 100,000 pounds.

First up last night was the wonderfully strange Stephen Hall. His semi final was brilliant and left me laughing for ages. His performance last night wasn’t as good but was just as funny all the same with songs including Beyonce’s ‘crazy in love’ and Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’. He did really well last night and I think he is such a funny guy who will be booked to do performances like Stavros Flatley.

Another finalist was the lovely Micheal Collings who caused a sensation with his first performance of Fast Car, which gained chart success. His voice is great and very easy listening. Last night he performed the song again and although it weren’t as good as the first time he performed it I still loved it. Although he only came a surprising fifth I think he has a long career ahead of him.

Impressionist Lee Gibson was also a finalist who has been extremely popular during the competition. His impressions of Kevin Webster, Ross Kemp and Ant and Dec have been well received by the audience and I loved them. However last night, not much practice caused a not so good impression of Simon Cowell and Dermot O Leary. Although he only came 9th I think that he will do well and he reminded me of the impressionist last year.

Dancer James Hobley is a wonderful dancer and even had Amanda in tears in his first audition. His semi final performance was also good and he is definitely very watchable. His performance last night was very good but seemed to be a bit forgettable compared to the other finalists. I think he is so talented and I hope he does well in the future.

Jean Martyn is such a character and it was nice to see her fun loving self in the final last night. Although she came last she is such a lovely woman and her keyboard playing will be remembered.

Pianist Paul Gbegbaje is a lovely guy and the audience has welcomed an act, which is normally not very popular. His semi final performance showed he can play a number of different tunes and his final performance was good too. He did do well and I think he will do well in the future.

Razy Gogonea has been popular with the audience since we first saw him and he showed his wonderful freestyle dancing. The emotional star performed a great semi final and last night was nearly as good although he had little sleep. I was surprised he only came fourth and think he deserved to be second or third. He will do well though and he deserves too.

The top three were New Bounce, Ronan Parke and Jai McDowall. New Bounce were definitely very cute and I did like their first performance. They reminded me of the Jackson Five and they all have brilliant little voices. They received high praise from the judges but I’m not sure they deserved third place.

Favourite Ronan Parke has been part of huge speculation this week with many believing he was fixed to win. The 12 year old has a brilliant voice and I loved his semi final performance of Adele’s Make me feel my love. Last night his performance of ‘Because of You’ was great and he did well to get second place.

Winner of Britain’s Got Talent Jai McDowell wasn’t much in the media and hasn’t been a favourite of the competition. His semi final performance showed he was very talented and I loved his version of Bring Me to Life. Last night his performance showed his brilliant voice and the support worker deserved to win. I think he will do well and the Queen will love the Scottish star.

This year’s Britain’s Got Talent has been very odd with the mix of judges and Acts. I think Micheal McIntyre has brought something special to the panel but it definitely isn’t the same without Simon so he should come back permanently.









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