Britain’s Got Talent- What to expect this week!

Last night we finally found out who the final 45 semi-finalists were and who might be wowing us during this fab week. With the series getting bigger ratings every week, will it find some real stars this year?

This series has been one of the best series of Britain’s Got Talent after a fairly poor series last year. The return of Simon has definitely helped the show and new arrivals David and Alesha have made it more interesting and fun. Last night was the final auditions and we got to see a wide array of performances including funny, but not funny comedian Gatis and awesome magicians Brynolf and Ljung. At the end of the show we saw the judges decide who deserved a spot in the final 45 and who was going home. There was a couple of disappointments including Marea, the impersonator who wowed with her Anne Robinson impressions and Purple Rain singer Chelsea. We also had a surprising exit and return according to reports of ‘No Name’ singer Ryan who was told off for auditioning when he already had a contract with another show. According to reports he will be performing this week but we will have to wait and see. Here’s some I’m looking forward to and could potentially be the winner:

Charlotte and Jonathan: The favourites from the start, Jonathan wowed when he began singing and was compared to popular late opera singer Pavarotti. I am so looking forward to their performance this week and although Simon didn’t think Charlotte was that good, she definitely is the support Jonathan needs.

Only Boys Aloud: The choir boys gave a really good performance at their auditions and I think that they will impress when they perform tonight. I’m interested to see what else they can sing and I think it’s funny how many of them there is!

Ashely and Pudsey: I LOVED Pudsey, he was so cute and I loved the whole Flintstones performance. I don’t know if they will win but I think they will get through to the final and I hope they have another strong performance. He is adorable and she seems like a sweet girl too.

Loveable Rogues: They were definitely unique and their car journey reminded me something from the Inbetweeners. I liked their song and I think they could be potential winners if they can pull off a brill performance this week. We haven’t had a boyband win any of these competitions yet so who knows

Hope Murphy: The Essex girl wowed the judges and me during her auditions with a great performance of Women’s Work. I hope she gets another brilliant song which will show off her brilliant vocal.

Paige Turner: Another singer who caught my eye was Paige. The 14 year old had a beautiful voice and I loved her version of Skinny Love. I think she is one of the best younger singers in the competition and I hope she does well.

Four corners: I really liked their performance. It was interesting to see a girl dancing with guys and I loved their performance. The dancing groups are quite good this year; I really liked Twist and Pulse’s group and United We Stand.

Zimmers: Looking forward to seeing the oldies performing again tonight. They were hilarious the first time and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they can do.

The Mend: 4 boys who’s performance went down a storm with the judges and people at home. Looking forward to seeing what else they can do. Don’t think they will win but might make the finals.

Can’t wait to see everyone perform this week, the live semi-finals are always great to watch.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    How are you enjoying things so far, Jo? I’ve been more impressed than usual. They’ve invested in the weaker acts like Zipparah to make them funnier, but the acts that are clearly earmarked for the final are quite easy to predict each night, I think.

    Have you got any particular act you’d like to see win?

  2. JoPalmer


    Yes ive really enjoyed this week, think it makes it better with Simon back and I love David Walliams. The funnier acts are better than normal, I really enjoyed the comedian last night. Yes it has been quite predictable, although i did expect the mend and four corners to get through.

    I think i would like Pudsey to win, but I think it will be a close call between him and Johnathon for first place.

    Who are you expecting to win?


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Sorry, I missed your reply! Did NOT expect Pudsey and Ashleigh to win, though they were fantastic, a really adorable double act.

      I thought the last week of live shows was brilliant this year. Loved that they brought back some of the ridiculous acts and made them even sillier. Didn’t feel that they genuinely expected any of them to win, but it was quite funny all the same. The serious talent was exceptional this year.

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