Britney Spears – 3 – Single Review

Britney’s back, and with a tune that I actually like. 3 has a bit of a Europop vibe. And by that I mean I can’t understand any of the lyrics she’s singing. But since when was I ever hung up on lyrics?

If you ignore the truly horrible video, 3 is a damned fine pop song. My favourite part is the ‘verse’, which is sadly only heard once in the entire song. This makes it necessary to listen to it over and over again to get satisfaction. All the same, the cheap and cheerful orchestra hits and brilliant hook on the chorus give us something to sing along to.

The video, however, is a complete train wreck. Since Britney had her meltdown, she’s had a slightly vacant look in her eyes. I’m not saying that to be mean, it’s true. And in the video for 3, she looks like she’s going through the motions. The sad fact is, she’s not sexy anymore, so her attempts at wriggling her back are stiff and frankly pathetic. The costumes are tacky, but they have been ever since the Gimme More video.

It’s just a reminder of how far Britney’s fallen since her days as ‘America’s Sweetheart’. It’s a great track, but Britney’s career is a long way from redeemed. I’d just like to see a video of hers in which she wears something pretty. This tacky shit is frankly upsetting.

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