Brittany Murphy dies of cardiac arrest – 20 December 2009

We were stunned this evening to hear that Brittany Murphy had died. The actress – only 32 years old – went into cardiac arrest this morning and couldn’t be revived by medical personnel. TMZ seemingly broke the news earlier today.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department got a call from the home of Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack about 8 a.m., fire officials told TMZ.

She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to reports, she was discovered by her mother in the shower, already in cardiac arrest.

Already though, the celebrity rumour mill is churning with spurious gossip about the cause of death. Apparently Perez Hilton is suggesting a drugs link in her death, from first-hand knowledge of the actress:

People just don’t typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!!

Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

And I’ve read some talk on Twitter tonight about Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, suggesting that he was a somewhat shady dude. I’m guessing this tragic story won’t end with a simple ‘natural causes’ verdict and dignified funeral.

It seems the press is going on a dirt-digging mission on this one. I’d only seen a couple of Brittany Murphy movies – Just Married and Sin City. I’ll remember her as a slightly kooky-looking girl. She seemed like a lot of fun (and was quite sexy too). RIP Brittany.

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  1. RandomEnigma

    She had this wonderful kooky personality that just shone on-screen, and as you said, she was very sexy as well.  I think she was very underrated as an actress and singer so it’s sad to see her go so early. RIP.

    As for Perez Hilton’s statement, that man needs to get some class. While there is a possibility that Britanny Murphy died of drugs, it is rare but possible that a person of any age, however young, can die of cardiac arrest. I think it is cruel and unfair to the family to state that she died from drugs when no autopsy results are released yet.

    2009 is really the Year of the Celebrity Death…Jade Goody, Wendy Richard (Pauline from EastEnders) Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Stephen Gately, Maggie Jones (Blanche from Coronation Street) and now Britanny Murphy have all passed away this year. 

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