Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack follows her to the grave

Quite tragic news emerging that Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack has died at the Los Angeles home the couple shared. Monjack’s death comes just five months after Brittany died in the bathroom of the same house.

He was found unconscious by his mother-in-law Sharon, who called paramedics to the scene. Although they tried to resuscitate him, their efforts failed, and Monjack was pronounced dead at the scene. Early reports suggested the cause of death to have been a heart attack, but celebrity gossip website TMZ claims that bottles of pills were found at the scene, but say there is no evidence of suicide.

Interestingly, TMZ also note the similarities between the death of Monjack and the death of Brittany in December:

The similarities are remarkable. Murphy was found unconscious by her mother Sharon. Sharon found Simon unconscious as well. Murphy was found in the master bathroom. Simon was found in the master bedroom of the same home. Paramedics administered CPR to Simon. Simon administered CPR to Brittany. And they may have both died from cardiac arrest … five months apart.

That lends a slightly surreal edge to the scenario which perhaps implies suicide or foul play. Investigations are continuing, so answers will be found. Interestingly, celebrity website Hollywood Dame suggests that after Brittany’s death, Monjack and Mrs Murphy developed an unusually close relationship:

Since the death of Brittany her husband and mother have been giving us a case of the creepies with their rumored romance. Sharon Murphy and Monjack had formed an odd relationship that extended past swapping grieving tears and Kleenex.

Monjack was 39 at the time of his death and was working as a screenwriter. He was born in London on 5th August 1970 and married Murphy in May 2007.

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