Brooke White and Justin Gaston perform If I Can Dream

On paper, this duet between [[American Idol (TV Series)|American Idol]]’s Season 7 contestant Brooke White and Justin Gaston – someone most of us only know through tabloid news about his relationship with Miley Cyrus – didn’t seem all that exciting.

I have to admit to enjoying Brooke White’s parts of the song more than Gaston’s. She’s a fantastic singer. No, I don’t fancy her. Too skinny for my tastes. I did appreciate her voice though. Gaston might have looked the part, but he let himself down when he attempted impassioned vocals and missed by a mile. Still, a decent straight-man for White, and their voices complimented each other well.

Hold up – even PopCrunch agrees with me:

It’s so nice to see former Idol finalist Brooke White back on the stage, but oh boy, Justin Gaston was terrible!

Seacreast tells us that the duet is available for free on iTunes. Although here it is on YouTube, for your listening pleasure. Tell me what you thought of the duet…

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