Burly – a singer/songwriter using Facebook to build an audience

I don’t know if this has been done before, but an anonymous singer/songwriter going by the pseudonym of Burly is trying a fascinating social experiment to build a fanbase for his music on Facebook.

Armed with just a Facebook fan page, Burly promises to release a new song with each milestone of followers he hits. To start us off, there’s a sample track called Worthy on the site, with a very arty video clip and everything.

I love the idea behind this – the only way to unlock new songs is for fans to go out there and spread the word about Burly. It encourages people to get out there and do something to promote the artist. The reward for the fan is more new music, while the artist gets better exposure and potential new fans.

In the meantime, Burly’s website has other features – you can suggest a song idea to him through one page, and there are t-shirts and iPhone wallpapers available.

Now – this is the bit that I love – I happen to know who Burly really is. I’ve covered the artist’s music in the past, and I can vouch that this guy is a stylish, confident singer/songwriter who writes some really elegant, beautiful music. Worthy is just the tip of the iceberg. I just have one suggestion for ‘Burly’ – that when he hits the 25,000-30,000 fans milestone, that he reveals his real identity!

What’s especially interesting is that this is someone starting from absolute scratch – I’d love to spread the word and see what other songs he releases. So, who’s with me? Shall we try and get Burly enough followers to take him to the first milestone?

Go to the Facebook page and click the ‘like’ button, then tell your friends!

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