Calendar Geeks – The IT Crowd, episode review

IT Crowd

Sadly, tonight’s IT Crowd was the last episode in the series. In another side-splitting show, Roy is ‘flirting’ with the babes on the 7th floor, when one of them opens up to him about her brother’s cross-eye impairment.

Since this is the most attention he’s received from a woman since his mother, Roy decides to get involved and do something in aid of the girl’s brother. When one of the girls suggests they do a nude calendar and Roy gets to be the photographer, he can’t believe his luck. Well, until Jen gets wind of the idea and suggests to the girls that they get their grannies to pose instead – like Helen Mirren in that movie…

But while Roy tries to sweet talk some old ladies into appearing in the calendar, Douglas lets Jen know that if the idea bombs, he’s holding her responsible. Suddenly, the granny idea doesn’t seem so smart, so she steers Roy towards doing a geek calendar instead. And so Roy has to endure the trauma of photographing a parade of geeks, tricking them into their poses as he goes along.

The whole episode was trademark IT Crowd lunacy, the situations and the writing as sharp as always. Six episodes barely counts as a series, but perhaps the success of The IT Crows is that they leave you wanting more. 

My personal favourite bit from tonight’s show was where Moss got back from holiday and realised that nobody had noticed he was gone. Still, I’d have loved to see the geek triumph for once – wouldn’t it have been nice to see Roy get his "Girls Of The 7th Floor" calendar at the end?

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