California Flight Project wrote the best song ever about the bay area and California Rides and Flight to California.

My guest, there is about a ZA Zillion songs about the State of California .

None better fit than the sleeping giant songs called” California Flight”.

Penned by California’s on group called: get this, California Flight Project.

Written by singer-songwriter : Jerry J Johnson. Possibily one of the greatest soul funk songwriter of our times. California Flight, the song covers the bay area like none other. Classic should  be there yearly Theme song for every summer its that good.

An it covers the setting of traveling to California. The Hollywood scene, the Southern California entertainment dreams the theme parks. The interstate drive on HWY # 5 and flying in the sky. The radio personalities might not know but these guys are going to be very HUGE oldie but greatly ,loll. The California Flight, song was discovered by allot Europe/Asian underground soul funk DJ’s that still spin classic funk soul era’s of Late 70’s 80’s classic funk soul rare vinyl grooves . How they manage to discovered them  your guest is better than mine I just got wind of them like 2 months ago and went on line and buttabean butta wow and made me a believer I love them now. They are vastly becoming very famous in the ears and eyes of their many D J’s faithful listeners world wide.


That tell me that something happening to our music scene of culture setting of music gone by right here in USA. Now we need to slow it down due the process and enjoy the rare classic sounds before we lose our music culture history heritage with the mad science gone bad. It’s only music in the raw form that sells anyway .

That era still is hot today. But not like California Flight, who has jump on the scene quicker than crazy glue sticks and they was discovered with their first Vinyl release recently by P P U in Washington DC. They launched them on their vinyl label into Vinyl Funk hall of fame overnight and they are from California  .

They’re classic funk sounds are from California , California Flight Project, just blue up the charts like it was mint to be they have one of the greatest songs ever after what some 30 years gone by that’s a Huge film ready to explode soon, watch what I tell you, those guys are awesome rockers who never  knew the impact they have on our current music industry scene, the changing the industry as we sleep. Its mad crazy what they accomplish with that one song .

That truly has never been done before. There the first ever!

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