Californication, Season 4, Episode 2 review: Suicide Solution

Loving the nifty titling job on this episode of Californication – “Suicide Solution” being an Ozzy Osbourne song, and this episode having a subtle cameo from former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde. It’s great that each episode has a title that makes some kind of rock reference – just a little detail that makes me love this show a little bit more.

Of course, Hank calling Becca “Jeff Becca” in a “Guitar Shop” was probably completely unintentional. If you don’t make the connection, ask me in the comments…

Tonight’s Californication saw Hank hitting his lowest ebb. Karen’s barely speaking to him (although throwing things at his head is another matter entirely), and Becca’s clearly disgusted with him. He’s been told by his lawyer that he faces three years in jail on staturory rape charges…you can see why he’d be a little down in the dumps.

One criticism of last week’s season opener was that Hank didn’t seem very depressed at all by his situation. Tonight’s episode shows him in a much darker place – wanting to withdraw. He’s sceptical about the prospects of the new movie, and he even almost turns down Sasha Bingham in her hotel room.

So, the end result of all this depression is that Hank discovers some pills in Sasha’s bathroom and takes them home. He stops to type a touching letter to Becca, then passes out on the sofa. Is he trying to kill himself? I find it hard to believe, but Hank’s often quite hard to read, and the title of the episode is Suicide Solution. Also, it’s unfortunate that Showtime decided to confirm Season 5 of the Californication recently, because I think we all know Hank’s likely to pull through, get his stomach pumped and have a threesome in the hospital before he’s discharged.

Rob Lowe makes his first appearance as Eddie Nero, looking like a vagrant-era Brad Pitt. Makes a big change from his role in Brothers & Sisters. Lowe gets some great lines (check the quotes section below) – and he’s in the frame to play Hank in the film version of F*cking & Punching. Look out for more uncensored crudity from Lowe – he may actually be a more vulgar version of Hank!

All in all, Suicide Solution was quite a sad episode of Californication, but balanced with some funny moments – like when Marcy absent-mindedly gives Hank a handjob after waking up, then freaks out when she realises it’s Hank. And Runkle running naked with just a cricket bat was hilarious.

Did you see that bit near the end where Runkle’s in the bedroom with a woman and signals fifteen to Hank? Nice running joke about the number of women he’s slept with. Last time I heard this one it was twelve, wasn’t it?

Californication quotes

  1. Marcy: I was touching your penis, Hank. Hank: I know, Marce. Felt good too. You give a nice tug job. Charlie: She does, doesn’t she? When she’s motivated…
  2. Charlie: Get a load of Florence Olivier…
  3. Hank: You look like a baby. Like a big sexy baby…
  4. Hank: I like me a mature woman, with crow’s feet, stretch marks, nipple hair. I dig that, dig it all…
  5. Karen: You’re probably preggers. I mean, you are quite a slut. Marcy: Fuck you. I’m too old to sustain life. Too bitter, too.
  6. Eddie Nero: Most writers aren’t handsome. They’re usually pale, sun-starved, man-titted little weaklings like your friend here…
  7. Eddie Nero: Excuse me…I see a girl that I defecated on in Palm Springs once.
  8. Sasha: The secret to being a successful Hollywood actress is projecting the vibe that everyone you work with has a shot at f*cking you.

The cast of Californication are: Hank (David Duchovny), Karen (Natascha McElhone), Charlie (Evan Handler), Marcy (Pamela Adlon) and Becca (Madeleine Martin). Guest stars tonight included Rob Lowe as Eddie Nero, Addison Timlin as Sasha Bingham and Zakk Wylde as the guitar shop employee.

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