Californication, Season 4, Episode 3 review: Home Sweet Home

I’m going to come right out and say it. I told you so. Remember in last week’s Californication when Hank passed out after writing a letter to Becca? It wasn’t suicide at all, just an accident in self-medicating.

Of course, Hank doesn’t tell Karen that, and it’s his lie of omission that fuels the ‘Hank’ part of this episode. Karen reconciles with him briefly, believing that he’s at his lowest ebb and realising that he’s an important part of her life. But at the same time, she’s not completely ready to forgive his sleeping with Mia. Understandably.

Hank even manages to screw this up though, because in order to regain Becca’s affections, he tells her the truth – that he overdid it on booze and pills. He does this to reassure her that he’s not suicidal, but Becca insists that he reassures Karen in the same way. Naturally, when Karen finds out that he’s been lying to her, she throws him out. For the fortieth time or something. I’ve lost count.

With Hank trying to earn his family’s good graces, it falls to Runkle to carry the comedy and sex scenes.

In Home Sweet Home, producer Stu goes to Runkle’s house to yell at him for a noticeable lack of scripts. Instead he meets Marcy and decides he’d like a piece of her delightful ass. And in a nice twist, to get around the awkwardness of him trying to sleep with Marcy, he offers Runkle a night with his DTF development manager. Don’t know what DTF means?

She’s a total hottie – anyone know who the actress was? But being a driven career type, she prefers to have sex from behind because it frees her up to reply to emails!

Elsewhere, Becca gets robbed by a bunch of girls who turn out to be the Queens Of Dogtown. They give her back her money though, and invite her to try out for the band. The downside is that while Becca’s away from her guitar, somebody steals it. Uh-oh.

To a certain extent, this felt like a filler episode. Lots of story threads got set up, or inched along, but there wasn’t much to make this one memorable. Evan Handler’s always funny as Runkle – odd-looking bald man getting laid against the odds is classic. But I prefer Duchovny doing the sex stuff, which he can’t do while Hank’s trying to reunite his family. He just has a more roguish charm and it makes it easier to live vicariously through his antics.

It was nice to see Hank back at his typewriter though. Something in this episode has motivated him to write again. What was it though?

Californication quotes

  • Hank: “I don’t like the drugs Doc, the drugs like me.” Doctor: “Cute. Clever. Live fast, die young. Good looking corpse. Guess what, asshole, there’s no such thing as a good looking corpse. I see a lot of them, and they’re f*cking ugly as shit.”
  • Hank:” Honey, I didn’t mean to force moisture from your face…”
  • Stu: “I figured I owed you one. If I was going to make a pass at your ex and you were going to be kind enough not to cock block me, it’s only right that I offer something in return.”
  • Hank: “Sure beats that hospital food…I’d rather tongue a sweaty bumhole than force-feed another forkfull of that pap down my gullet.”
  • Karen: “So what are you saying? That you partied too hard and then you passed out, just like any other day ending in Y?”
  • Becca: “Way to go dad, now I have to listen to her cry all night again.”

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