Californication, Season 4, Episode 8 review – Lights. Camera. Asshole.

The trailer for this episode of Californication pretty much told the whole story in advance – Hank ended up boning Sasha Bingham’s mother (by accident) and getting caught out when Sasha pays a visit to his hotel room.

Still, the devil was definitely in the details in Lights. Camera. Asshole. Sasha rejoins the F*cking and Punching movie and also hires Hank to “polish her dialogue” for a zombie movie she’s currently shooting. It’s a thinly-veiled excuse to have her f*ck buddy on set, of course. But while Sasha’s trying to seduce Hank, he gets a call that Becca’s wasted and handcuffs Sasha inside her trailer in a bid to escape.

An inspired escape, but I’d definitely have sorted Sasha out first before leaving. It would only have taken a couple of minutes, right?

So, after catching up with Becca – and getting a weird heart to heart where she complains that she can’t even convince boys to let her give them oral – Hank’s ready for the bar. Which is where he meets a MILFish Julia. It’s not long before his rakish charm has her in his bedroom. Naturally.

And of course, while the pair are all post-coital in the morning, Sasha Bingham pays her visit and discovers her mother with Hank. Which results in the most violent kick to the scrotum I’ve seen in many years. But since Californication is all about the sexually amoral, things get straightened out pretty easily. It’s not like Season 1 where Hank shagged Mia and kept it secret from Karen – nobody in these scenes is that emotionally involved.

Though it was fun – if slightly predictable – to see Sasha getting her own back on Hank in the trailer in the end.

Elsewhere, Runkle has possibly the funniest sex scene of the season so far, when he bangs Marcy’s realtor. It’s borderline whether the lady’s completely bonkers, but she’s dreamed up a fantasy in which she’s on a plantation having sex with a black slave. Which Charlie clearly is not. It’s funny to watch Charlie trying to play catch up with the woman’s fantasy!

And Marcy decides to keep her baby – like we kind of knew she would. But when she admits to Stu that she’s pregnant, he misunderstands and thinks he’s the father. It’s a bit tiresome that Marcy didn’t get the chance to correct him, because we’ve seen this kind of storyline a million times on TV and it can really only end one way – the embarrassing truth will spill out somehow.

A much improved episode this week though – Californication gave us great comedy sex and a fairly light storyline that entertained. And it looks like we’re back to the ongoing court case next week and Becca goes further off the rails. 

Californication quotes

  1. Hank: “Does this mean what I think it means? They finally came out with Spanx for men?”
  2. Hank: “I’m a writer, Sasha. Not a f*ck toy.” Sasha: “Don’t look now, but your man-pon string is hanging out.”
  3. Becca: “I don’t like how things are changing. You’re never around, and I’m not sure I even miss you.”
  4. Becca: “You know what really scares me? I like being fucked up.”
  5. Estate agent: “No, he went to get his gun. He’s gonna kill both of us, Charlie. Daddy doesn’t like it when I f*ck the slaves.”
  6. Sasha: “Are you having a stroke? You sound kind of retarded all of a sudden.”
  7. Hank: “Settle down, Alfred Bitchcock.”
  8. Hank: “Well, despite the fact that I am this swirling black hole of chaos, I am pretty f*cking awesome.”
  9. Stu: “It’s just you’re so quiet and that is weird. Usually you’re yakking up a storm and I’ve become quite fond of that verbal diahorrea.”

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