Californication Season 4 – Lawyers, Guns and Money – Episode review

Regular readers will notice that our regular Californication review was missing last week. Sorry, hombres, but I just didn’t dig it and I couldn’t bring myself to write a less than enthusiastic review.

Thankfully, Lawyers, Guns and Money was a massive leap in the right direction. Okay, it was mostly set up by that naughty photo of Hank in a compromising position with Sasha and Mia. So props to last week’s episode for that. 

So this week picks up with Hank’s photo on Defamer (awesome plug for Gawker, now what about some love for Shout, Californication?), his lawyer pissed off at him and Sasha Bingham dropping out of the F*cking and Punching movie.

And that’s just the tip (pun intended). Sasha may be out of the movie project, but Eddie Nero returns looking for insight into the legend that is Hank Moody. This leads to a debaucherous night out which ends with guns drawn in a Tattoo parlour. Eddie starts the almost-gunfight with a classic line – “I got your back, rapist.” Which results in Hank punching him in the mouth. But perversely this gives Nero the vision for how he’ll portray Hank in the movie!

Marcy gets a waxing gig at Stu’s house – but only because he’s really interested in sleeping with her. Or is it more? Can’t recommend this storyline much, but that’s mostly because I’m actually rooting for Marcy and Charlie to get back together. Please….

Oh yeah, and Karen visits lawyer Abby and begs her to take Hank back as a client. And then Hank promptly jumps into bed with Abby. Which leads to him getting a new lawyer next week, played by the venerable Alan Dale. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Lawyers, Guns and Money kept the pace up throughout. There aren’t many shows that can claim to have dialogue as funny and sharp as Californication – and kudos to Rob Lowe for being a total acting chameleon. He’s amazing as Eddie Nero, and that stand-off in the Tattoo parlour was epic stuff. Oh, and that line: “I played his skin flute like Kenny G” Genius.

Oh, one minor nitpick – Hank doing something stupid then asking Karen if Becca was mad at him is getting incredibly repetitive. Otherwise, a perfect episode of Californication.

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