Californication Spoilers for The Last Supper: Is Hank going to jail?

Time to have a look at this weekend’s Californication spoilers? “The Last Supper” is the penultimate episode of the fourth series and it looks like we’re going to be on tenterhooks as to whether Hank’s heading for jail or not.

The episode picks up after The Trial, where Hank is waiting on his sentencing. Which presumably means that he’s been found guilty of statutory rape. And since next week’s episode is the epically-titled “…And Justice For All” (also the name of a Metallica album), this is all about Hank’s exploits while he waits to find out his fate.

So, he does what Hank Moody does best – he spends the night with his lawyer, Abby:

Awkward moments, you’ll agree. I don’t see these two ending up together after the trial. And what’s the next thing shambling Hank would be expected to do?

That’s right, he heads to Karen’s house to bother his family. So transparent is this move, that his nearest and dearest have prepared a surprise party for him. The Runkles are in attendance – and Marcy’s broke free of Stu for the day – as well as Karen and Becca. This next clip captures the warmth of the original Californication gang and will have you all nostalgic for reunions across the board. But will the Runkles get back together? Will it be Karen and Hank?

Tune in to Californication on Sunday night on Showtime to see what happens!

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