Californication’s season 4 finale spoilers – And Justice For All

Californication‘s season finale is coming up this weekend, and Hank’s fate hangs in the balance. If last week’s The Last Supper proved anything, it’s that all bets are off. Did anybody think Hank would really get found guilty after hearing that the prosecution’s case was so weak?

Which mean’s Sunday’s And Justice For All is going to be a real nail-biting finish. Because in all likelihood, Hank Moody could be going to jail, which should make season 5 very interesting viewing. 

We’ve got a couple of spoiler videos for you to feast upon. Let’s begin with the entire cast of this year’s Californication sitting down to a meal in Stu’s house to hear about his ‘passion project’:

Notice that Hank is attending with Abby, while Karen is there with Ben. And Charlie’s brought his mentally-dubious realtor along as a date. Though I do think she’s been a wonderfully funny new addition this year. The big question is, after last week’s warm dinner between the old friends, will they all move on to new partners?

Then there’s the vagueness of the following clip, showing Hank about to be sentenced. Loving his “Free the West Memphis Three” quip! Pay close attention to Mia’s face during this one:

She looks pretty distraught, doesn’t she? I’m wondering, given the title of this episode, whether Mia will come forward and make a last ditch attempt to save Hank. Or will the judge pay attention to those pleas for leniency?

We know Californication is coming back for a new season next year, but I’m still partially convinced that Hank could go to prison for his crimes. And even if he does, that’d still be an unusual start to the new season. Couple that with the stern words from the judge about Hank wasting his gifts, and I’m very intrigued about the future of this show!

The season finale airs Sunday night on Showtime.

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