Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend – Single and Video Review

Ready For The Weekend

Following hot on the heels of our Dizzee Rascal review, let’s turn our attention to Calvin Harris. I described Calvin and Dizzee as kings of leisure-pop: songs about chilling out and relaxing.

But while Dizzee’s singing about taking a holiday, Harris is only looking forward to the weekend. He sings in a brilliantly can’t-be-bothered style that reminds me of bored office worker on a Thursday morning, praying for Friday afternoon. When the chorus kicks in, it’s an almost mock-gospel female voice that raises the tune to an almost-anthem.

The video’s a trippy affair, reminiscent of Let Forever Be by the Chemical Brothers. Harris ducks and dives in and out of the video, sharing screen with a blonde and brunette model who multiply and contract throughout. I was nonplussed the first time I saw it, but after a few views, I find it mesmerising. Probably the swimsuits don’t hurt…

I love this kind of bewildering music video, seemingly shot in one fluid take, but with Harris popping up everywhere on screen. As usual for Harris, he seems to deliver this in an understated manner that you only realise you’re hooked when you find yourself humming it in public.

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