Can he ever be replaced?

I’m talking about Robin Hood, of course. And Guy of Gisbourne. And the Sheriff and …goodness, when they end a series they like to really end it, don’t they? 

Like I wasn’t already shedding a tear at losing Alan the previous week, this final episode was too much, specially coming on top of the news that Primeval wouldn’t be returning for a fourth series – leaving the gang spread all over in different time zones (they’ve got to bring it back, surely?) – I’ve got a family who tease me non-stop you know, if I cry at the telly.

It looks like the Merry Men (and woman) will continue, but will Archer become Robin Hood or will it be the collective “We are Robin Hood” that prevails? Spare a thought for whoever may be in line to replace Keith Allen too – unless they’re going to spring the resurrection plot again. Could they? Would they dare? Would we care, as long as the Sheriff is back on top form?

It was a brave man (or woman) who killed off Guy as well, I hazard a guess he may well have been the reason a lot of women (or men) tuned in. Oh, come on – there’s no way it was just me!

Thank goodness we’ve got Krod Mandoon until Merlin’s back with us. I can’t be doing without my weekly dose of escapism-rooted-in-myth-and-legend-and-Terry Pratchett land. I’m liking the whole Krod-verse very much, it’s familiar but it’s funny. And that works for me.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’m really enjoying Krod Mandoon, Jaye – he’s the funniest thing ever, and really up there with all things Pratchett.

    As for Robin, didn’t Jonas Armstrong put in a great final appearance? I’ve always been lukewarm about his looks and abilities for the role, but the series finale was a vindication. Perhaps my favourite character was Richard Armitage’s Guy of Gisborne. I’ll be really sad to see him go, because he was clearly a conflicted character and had more depth than your average villain, ridding himself of his demons at the end.

    I was devastated that Kieth Allen came back at the end. False deaths are so passe that this was actually a low point in the episode. They could have done better.

    A nice death reunion scene with Maid Marian at the end, which more than made up for Tuck’s oh-so-dull rousing speech. Between Tuck and Robin, they hold the record for most cliched ‘heroic’ speeches in any television series. Ever. In the whole galaxy. God, those two can witter on. “Today is a good day to die!” Aye, alright Braveheart, we’ve heard it all before….

    IMHO, the whole series needs a radical reinvention – they boxed themselves into a corner, and Merlin stands as my absolute favourite medieval drama (from the BBC). Krod is fast becoming one of the best things on TV – sharp writing, smutty schoolboy humour and a brilliant cast.

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