Caprica is cancelled by Syfy

I know. It’s old news that Caprica has been cancelled. I feel a curious mix of devastation and guilt. Devastation because Caprica has been one of the highlights in my television calendar this year and guilt because I haven’t written very much about it at all.

I had no background with Battlestar Gallactica, so Caprica was an oddly immersive world for me with its polytheism and its virtual worlds and religious terrorists. The Greystones and the Adamas, Capricans and Taurons and residents of New Cap City were nothing short of fantastic television. 

Caprica is/was steeped in darkness – the series was born in the blood of a suicide bombing by monotheistic terrorists and the death of Zoe Greystone. The ripple effect of this one action fuelled the whole series as her father tried to reconstruct a digital version of Zoe from her virtual presence.

I’ve just finished watching the episode False Labor, which has the brilliant line:

Funny how God’s will always turns out to suit your needs.

It’s the universal truth that should be thrown at all religious zealots – how come you know so much about what God wants? How come you have a direct line to God? And what a coincidence that God’s wishes support your objectives?

Watching the treachery and the lies and deceit has been fascinating – Greystone’s obsessive pursuit of Zoe’s data for his own profit. What a horrible, slimy man. And digital Zoe, trapped between her original form in a dark, violent virtual world and that of a bulky, hideous robot in the real world. This was a series that had a journey. It managed thrilling plot development with every single episode, moving toward the tragic, inevitable conclusion of the Cylon war.

And further more, Caprica was a show without heroes. Every character was flawed in one way or another, which makes the series intensely morbid. With Caprica, there was never any chance of redemption and the absorbing part of the story was how the series would set up Cylon armies that would ultimately clash with the humans.

We’re not quite there yet, but I hope that the five episodes that’ve been shelved until the new year will wrap the story up and lead us neatly to the next spin-off: Battlestar Gallactica: Blood and Chrome. I think this show can have an amazing finale. Caprica was never going to go on forever, so the end of this season had better be good. You hear me, Syfy?

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