Caprica – S01E02 – Rebirth

Caprica: the plot thickens. After the extended first episode, it’s time to find out what this series is shaping up to be. Second episode Rebith doesn’t offer much in the way of clues. There’s a fair bit of plot development, but the viewer is in the dark to a fair degree.

The computer image of Zoe Graystone is now permanent resident in a hulking great robotic body. Imagine being a teenage girl and having your consciousness crammed into an unsightly seven-foot robot – all those body-image issues! Suddenly “Does my butt look big in this?” seems like a trivial question!

Poor ZoeBot. Lumbered with that red-glowing mono-eye. Boyfriends are a thing of the past, unless Daddy Graystone can knock together a boy-toy for her. And it looks like Daniel Graystone has a fair idea that his sorta-daughter is resident in the robot. After all, it’s the only one that’ll work with the chip that holds Zoe’s data.

As an aside, two technicians are instructed to deliver the ZoeBot to Graystone’s house so he can do further tests on it. One of the guys has a disturbing robot fetish. He stops short of trying to hump its leg (joking, but he does treat it like a human). The other treats it/her like the piece of metal it resembles. Naturally, the unhinged teenager-slash-robot bites the finger off the bad guy and nearly purrs like a kitten when the roboperv sidles up to remove her chip.

And poor old Mrs Graystone (hereafter referred to as Amanda) – she’s slowly coming to realise that little Zoe had led a nefarious double life. As the clues stack up, Amanda realises that not only did her little girl have a suicide bomber boyfriend, but she also hung with a group of religious fanatics called Soldiers of The One. Unfortunately, Amanda chooses to reveal her suspicions at a memorial service for victims of the aforementioned suicide bombing. At the podium. In front of all the microphones.

Speaking of the religious fanatics, Zoe’s friend Lacy gets sucked further into the shadowy world of the Soldiers of The One. She accepts an invitation from her headmistress, Clarice Willow, to lunch at her house. How ironic that in Caprica, the monotheists are polygamists – Clarice has more husbands and wives than an episode of Big Love. Lacy seems to be at the center of some plot, and Clarice’s group seem to think there’s information to be gained from Zoe’s work.

I think the beauty of Caprica so far is that there’s no second guessing what’s about to happen, or how the story will unfold. As a newbie to the series – and not a Battlestar Gallactica watcher – it’s nice to see a show that can keep me guessing. Is there going to be a point where the Cylons turn against the humans? When and how will Daniel Graystone create an army of robots to fulfil his order?

Oh, and it’s nice that the UK viewers aren’t going to be months and months behind out Stateside brethren. I’m liking that we’re getting a more synchronised experience so that we’re not totally out of the loop with these new series’.

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