Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor – Single Review

That Evacuate The Dancefloor song we’ve been hearing incessantly on the music stations – who sings it? Cascada? You’re frickin’ kidding me.

Yes, Cascada have gone from being a third rate dance act to suddenly releasing a brilliant single. It’s a synthpop tour de force that channels some of Lady Gaga’s sounds (as the folks at Napster noted), right down to the slightly Colby O’Donis-style guest vocals. Although the rapper on the track – who is he? – sounds just like early Eminem, it’s a brilliant combination.

This time last year, I hated Cascada with a passion, but they’ve managed to upgrade their sound and create a brilliant, modern floor-filler, something for the girlies to strut their stuff to. OK, you could accuse them of being a tiny bit derivative of artists like Britney and Lady Gaga, almost like the shop-brand version of them. But let’s not take away from a brilliant tune, and evidence that some bands can make you change your mind about them. Top notch, as they say.

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