Casey Abrams – my favourite Austin American Idol auditionee!

Meet Casey Abrams – in my not-so-humble opinion the best auditionee on [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]]’s Austin auditions show.

At first glance, he looks like a slacker/stoner combination. And we can’t exactly rule that possibility out. Casey’s ‘thing’ is a melodica, which is like a next-generation harmonica with a keyboard. Needless to say, it’s geeky.

The Idol crew seem to think that he’s more like somebody from Fraggle Rock though. At this point, the audition doesn’t seem all that promising…

Until Casey opens his mouth to sing, that is. He does an awful lot of scatting to I Don’t Need No Doctor by Ray Charles. But it’s brilliant. His performance is loose, but he’s got a great bluesy tone to his voice and a real feel for the music. And when the performance wraps up, he jams with the judges on his melodica. 

For my money, no-one else has been quite as musically entertaining on American Idol so far this year. We need guys like this to rock the live rounds. And with a look like that, Casey Abrams could be the second coming of grunge! One to watch, folks.

Casey Abrams

  • Age: 19
  • From: Idyllwild, California
  • Occupation: Works at film camp
  • SingsI Don’t Need No Doctor by Ray Charles

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