Catch Me I’m Naked – Dance Boy

Let me introduce you to London-based four-piece Catch Me I’m Naked, possibly one of the most playfully sexy band names since, like, ever.

They’re a band with a fetish for the colour yellow, who are armed with what I can only describe as frenetic disco rock tunes. A vibrant group of musicians, the guitars are funky and sharp, the bass is causing the things on my desk to rumble around, and the beats are up, but they’re used to great effect to punctuate singer Kirsty Trice’s vocals. In fact, they can sometimes be astoundingly heavy.

Take their latest single Dance Boy. The more I listen, the more I love. The intro to the song hints at some of the massive sounds that will assail your ears when the song reaches its climax. Kirsty commands us “D-d-d-d-dance boy!” while those disco beats segue into an almost tribal drum pattern. And those musical themes and riffs resurface again, swirling around in a bit of a soup until the end, when the volume and intensity builds up and every beat seems to hammer you over the head in order to make its point. I’m babbling, but I do love this song. I love this type of music and the in-your-face energy it exudes.

Catch the video for some more yellow-based shenanigans, as the band proceed to lash buckets of yellow paint around each other ‘for a larf’. And if that takes your fancy, go and visit their MySpace page for extra tunes. Dance Boy is out now, so show your support for the band buy getting the single via iTunes.

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