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Kylie Minogue All The Lovers

Hey there, guys! You may have noticed that my blogging activity has been rather low lately. That’s because I’ve just moved to a new house, new town and I also have a new job so I’m pretty much occupied getting used to my new surroundings. However, after a week, I decided that my blog needs a bit of attention again so here’s some new music videos by some of the biggest pop artists at the minute.

Kylie Minogue: All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue’s new single All The Lovers from forthcoming albumAphrodite saw its video release about a week ago. Directed by Joseph Khan (Britney Spears: Womanizer), you can watch the video below:

Wow! How stunning was that video?! Kylie is possibly the only popstar who can get away with selling really raunchy imagery and come out of it looking completely innocent. If this were GaGa or Rihanna, the video would be complete trash but Kylie manages to give off a really sensual vibe, making the gang bang in the street look positively romantic. The cinematography is beautiful and I’m sure that this will be yet another iconic Kylie clip.

JLS: The Club Is Alive

Those heartthrobs JLS release the video for new single The Club Is Alive – the new single from their sophomore album, which they hope will help them crack the US. Directed by Frank Borin, you can watch the video below.

Sigh. I really want to like these guys but its impossible to when they make such terrible music and have such a cheesy image. I was hoping that they would mature with the next album, still hold onto their tween fanbase but grow up a bit so older people could enjoy their music. This video is probably their best yet – but that’s not really saying much seeing as there previous three videos were low budget and not exactly exciting clips. Some of the dance moves are questionable too although I blame their choreographer instead of them because I do know they are good dancers. I’m sure, regardless of my opinion, this song will be a hit and is sure to rack up plenty of views on YouTube.

Paramore: Careful

Punk pop favourites Paramore are back with the fourth single from their album Brand New Eyes. The Careful video was put together by director Brandon Chesboro, who directed the band’s previous video The Only Exception.

I’m pretty disappointed with this video to be honest. This is the third video by the band to contain clips of them performing live and backstage footage, after the videos for All We Know and Hallelujah. Sure, Paramore have great cammaderie and give the impression that they’d be fun to hang around with but I don’t think footage of them goofing around fits with the moody angsty nature of the song. Oh well.

The clip for Kelly Rowland’s new single Commander has also leaked online in low quality. You can watch it on YouTube but I won’t post the video until the proper premiere on Monday, 14 June.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hey! How’s the moving house going? Are you all settled in yet?

    We’ve already commented on Paramore, so I’ll leave that one. But as for JLS and The Club Is Alive, I’m still split on that single. On one hand, they did do better than Gwen Stefani when she tackled a Sound Of Music tune. But I don’t think it makes it any more sensible or musical to do keep trying.

    I don’t think they’re a cheesy band though – they’re quite a cool urban boyband in my eyes. But I don’t think this song does them any favours, and it’s kind of a backwards step for them. Oh, and they should totally get rid of Aston and find someone who looks older than 15.

    1. RandomEnigma

      All is good with me. I’ve just moved away for the Summer to start a new job so I can save up a little money for college next year. But yes, I’m settled in very well. My job is good as are the people who live with me. So no complaints, homesickness or massive panic attacks yet! 🙂

      I find JLS massively cheesy but its all in the way their marketed – I was hoping that their team would market them so they would fit a more general young demographic but instead JLS, are stripping off, showing off their abs, dressing like a ’90s boyband and performing cheesy choreography so that they can get all their tween and teenage girl fans all excited. Of course, you and JLS obsessed yum mum might disagree with me there. I do think their talented and good performers though. Yeah, Aston does look about 15 years old, especially in this video. And you’re right, this song is a step back after their previous album’s lead single Beat Again

      That won’t stop this being a massive hit too.

      P.S.: I actually really like Gwen Stefani’s Wind It Up where she samples The Sound Of Music. Don’t shoot me.


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