Terror Scribes Gather in Bristol

BRISTOL TERROR SCRIBES 5/5/2012, a Remembrance By Sue Phillips The Terror Scribes have never invaded Bristol before and so the town did not really know what to expect. It decided that the safest option was to keep its head down and pretend that this was just another ordinary day. A casual observer might have been…

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A Travelling Author’s Guide to Amazing Food

What with Degrees, Terror Scribes and promoting the new book Green Living, Sacred Life, I’ve been travelling around England a lot this year and have eaten in pubs, cafes and restaurants all over the shop, so I thought I’d recommend the ones that impressed. Don’t ever look for negative reviews from me, unless there’s a serious health…

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The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman – Book review

So, now knowing that Sarah Silverman frequently Googles herself, I feel compelled to write this book review as an open letter to her. You know, put it out there that I think she’s pretty hot and say lots of flattering things about her to stroke her ego. But don’t we already know everything we need…

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Joseph Freeman’s The Lost and the Lonely Book Launch

The Lost and The LonelyA new book was born this weekend. The Lost and The Lonely, published by Castringham Hall, is by seasoned, award winning horror writer Joseph Freeman, who earned his first payment for his writing aged just thirteen. Now, eleven books, numerous short stories and eighteen years later his raw talent has matured…

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Award Winning Author Paul Kane at Waterstones Sheffield for Book Signing 1pm 2nd April 2011

Book signing in Sheffield by award winning author Paul KaneIf you’re anywhere near Orchard Square, Sheffield around 1pm on 2nd April and enjoy a really good read, you may want to toddle down to Waterstones. Paul Kane will be doing a book signing to promote his best selling Arrowhead trilogy, a post apocalyptic reworking of…

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Book review: Trevor O Munson – Angel Of Vengeance

The notion of a vampire private detective is pretty cliche, especially when that vampire’s name is Angel. Mick Angel, to be precise. Not the Angel of Buffy fame. But you see what I mean. Trevor O. Munson’s Angel Of Vengeance is the book that inspired the much-lamented vampire detective series Moonlight. The book was never released before the original…

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