Hi, I’m feeling really disappointed with the whole Britains Got Talent show.  My Son was really excited to get an audition but the whole experience since then has been really stressful.  The finals are In Edinburgh on Saturday and we have still heard nothing.  Keeping children hanging on like this is completely unfair.  Even an…

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A Travelling Author’s Guide to Amazing Food

What with Degrees, Terror Scribes and promoting the new book Green Living, Sacred Life, I’ve been travelling around England a lot this year and have eaten in pubs, cafes and restaurants all over the shop, so I thought I’d recommend the ones that impressed. Don’t ever look for negative reviews from me, unless there’s a serious health…

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Tabloid journalists, public interest and gagging orders: do we really care about celebrity affairs?

Ever since John Terry tried to get an injunction against newspapers revealing details of an affair he’d alledgedly been having, ‘gagging orders’ are an almost everyday occurrence against tabloids lining up their latest scandalous celebrity expose. To be fair, you couldn’t move in the last two years with salacious stories of philandering footballers and cheating…

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Peaches Geldof still speaks to her ex-husband

Peaches Geldof still speaks to her ex-husband. The 21-year-old socialite married Chester French drummer Max Drummey in a shock ceremony in August 2008 and though they divorced just six months later, Peaches – who is now romancing SCUM rocker Thomas Cohen – is glad to still have him in her life. She said: “I actually…

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Charlie Sheen is “high on life”

Charlie Sheen is “high on life”. The 45-year-old actor – who recently underwent a rehabilitation stay after a drink and drugs bender with a number of porn stars – has revealed he no longer has time to “smoke cocaine” because he is too busy enjoying other aspects of life. He said: “If you want to…

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