The Sound of Arrows is an amazing sound.

Though few will have heard of their music, or even their stage name, Stefan Storm and Oskar Gullstrand (yes, this makes them Swedish) are very good at making a very special, very rare denomination of dream-pop; the very kind of music which is capable of conjuring up long-forgotten memories and of giving you the building…

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Album Review: Vieem – ‘Be It Hated’

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Brooklyn adult alternative artist Vieem has been making music for a while. However, for many she was recently introduced with the sad song single “If Only You’d Know” late 2011 release. As part of Vieem’s first album “Be It Hated,” “If Only” joins a collection of songs that make a great start for the artist…

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Single Review: P!nk – ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

“It’s business as usual for P!nk on ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, which is all fine and dandy because P!nk’s line of business is generally being balls-out amazing, anyway” 4 STARS Digital Release: September 2, 2012 Physical Release: N/A A new P!nk album is like a health check for the record industry.  She’s one of…

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Album Review: Imagine Dragons – ‘Night Visions’

Imagine Dragons – ‘Night Visions’: 9.1/10 Imagine Dragons isn’t a name that’s crossed the minds of much of the public despite being active since 2009. Some of their music may have been though – various ad campaigns and film teasers are set against their chiming melodies, including the 2012 to-be-released film The Perks of Being…

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Single Review: Little Mix – ‘Wings’

“It’s easy to admire the rising-against-adversity message the song has, and it’s even easier to appreciate the message” 3 STARS Digital Release: August 26, 2012 Physical Release: August 26, 2012 Anyone under the illusion Little Mix’s new single ‘Wings’ is anything above predictable is either deluding themselves or has not yet shown enough dedication to…

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Album Review: Aiden Grimshaw – ‘Misty Eye’

Aiden Grimshaw – ‘Misty Eye’: 8.8 It wouldn’t be too much of a crime to assume from what we already knew about Aiden Grimshaw that an album under the name ‘Misty Eye’ was going to see him trudge through pre-suicidal, downbeat mood swings set to a barely-there production; the kind of music that’s minimalist but…

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Single Review: Rizzle Kicks – ‘Dreamers’

“It’s far more acutely-fashioned to tap into a subliminal and often not-so-subliminal critique about society than it first appears” 4 STARS Digital Release: August 5, 2012 Physical Release: N/A Few people ever manage to turn doe-eyed optimism and wild ambitions into a musical form that’s actually likeable, especially in the field of staunchly home-grown US…

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Single Review: M83 – ‘OK Pal’

“It’s a full-scale event held in the distant reaches of the farthest galaxy, and everyone’s invited” 5 STARS Digital Release: July 30, 2012 Physical Release: N/A Though few will know M83 (or Anthony Gonzalez, if you will) by name, many will have come across their recent 2011 hit ‘Midnight City’ for it’s prominent use in…

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