CBS Drama nostalgia survey: Star Trek theme tune most recognizable

You only have to look on Facebook to see people reliving their childhood obsessions through long-lost friends. It’s no surprise that the results of a CBS Drama survey reveal that modern trends are being eschewed in favour of nostaligia for childhood memories!

According to the survey, 87% of men and women confess their love of 80’s fashion, citing much-maligned leg warmers, ra-ra skirts and fingerless gloves as the fashion they miss most. Let me just be clear – I did not participate in the survey. Ra-ra skirts don’t suit my frame, and I firmly believe that fingerless gloves are vagrant chic.

More up our street are the results of the most popular TV themes from yesteryear:

According to the poll, the most recognisable TV theme tunes are Star Trek (38.8%), followed by Dallas (30.7%). Despite Bad Girls being the show most women want to see again, only 5.6% of us recognise the theme tune.

I beg to differ. When I think of 80’s TV theme tunes, I instantly think of Knight Rider, followed by The A Team. And then possibly the supermacho cartoons like Thundercats and He-Man. Truth be told, I don’t actually remember the Star Trek theme!

More interestingly, the survey asks people what shows they’d like to watch again. I find this one fascinating, because the number of TV series reboots in recent years shows very well that what worked in the 80’s doesn’t necessarily translate so well in the 21st Century – Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman and many others have flopped hard following modern reimaginings.

When asked what shows they missed on TV, surprisingly, 28% of men would love to see the original series of Starsky and Hutch again, unsurprisingly, closely followed by Baywatch (20.5%).  Women on the other hand, would rather see Bad Girls (24%), followed by iconic drama series Dallas (20%).

And in case you missed it, Dallas is currently being remade for modern audiences. We’ll be interested to see how well that does when it returns. It’s certainly the only series to negate several years worth of storyline through the most audacious use of a dream sequence ever.

Now we want to hear from you – what gets you nostalgic? Is it theme tunes, pop music from a particular era, movies or something else? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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