Cee Lo Green – Fuck You – Single and video review

Now, we can review this song based on the radio-friendly Forget You version or the hardcore Tourette’s version, Fuck You. Doesn’t matter to me.

I first heard this song a while back when, just as it was going viral, an unknown singer sent me their cover version of it. But the censored version. The thing is, when you switch over to the shocking swearword-loaded original, you understand what is missing from this picture: in a song that’s laden with Motown gold, the F-word is jarring. Every single time you listen.

Listening to the YouTube version, I found myself fervently listening – hoping the kids wouldn’t walk into the room, finger poised over the mute button on my laptop just in case the missus walked in and frowned in that disapproving way she sometimes does…

But enough about me being afraid of my wife. Fuck You has all that authentic Motown sound, and under-praised lyric about incompatibility – She’s an XBox, I’m an Atari. And we have that glorious video set in a 50’s style American diner – with a younger and older version of Cee Lo. Well, the older version is the big man himself.

Couldn’t help thinking that since Sean Kingston also shot a throwback video in a diner, it would have been right to cast him as the younger Cee Lo.

What I like about Cee Lo is that he doesn’t saturate us with his music – he’ll disappear for ages, then resurface to drop something extraordinarily cool on us like this or Little Star. Just what the doctor ordered for when you’re wanting to stick one (or two) fingers up to someone.

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