Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 10 – The Update

Welcome back for our recap of Day 10 in the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother house]], dear readers! The Last Legs task from yesterday continues, with all of the housemates except for Stephanie and Ivana pretending to be pensioners. Nicola comments to Big Brother that Ivana is almost a guarantee of success, since she won’t allow anybody to break the rules.

In the bedroom, Madam Heidi is bemoaning the younger housemates, Sov in particular. Vinnie disagrees, but you can tell he wouldn’t put his neck on the line to defend Sov either.

Stephen, being too candid with his housemates, reveals his liberal interpretation of the Bible when it comes to marital relations – “The Bible says I can do whatever I like to my wife.” Although he whispers something else, presumably excepting the sodomy. The Bible generally frowns on the sodomy, doesn’t it?

Stephanie, following the innappropriate sharing of sex information, volunteers that someone once offered her £40,000 for a night with her. I wonder how much that would be worth in 2010 currency?

Pensioner assault course

Next up is a special geriatric task – an assault course designed for the fake oldies – the housemates have to go up a stairlift, dunk for something in a bowl of cold stew, ride a wheelchair down a ramp into a water pool. Stephen excels at this task. There’s a mobility scooter challenge, and the celebs have to finish the task by downing a mug of malted milk and pretending to fall asleep.

Sex talk

An interesting debate breaks out between Sov and Stephanie about legalised prostitution. Stephanie starts to make some intelligent points, but is interrupted by Sov and her rather dumb opinions. Sov kind of proves Heidi’s point about how stupid she is…

Pimp my Ivanova

Ow, the boys in the room suggest to Katia that if she wants to stay in the house, she should hook up with Jonas again. They throw some horrible innuendo at her, with Alex suggesting that she and Jonas could be the next Katie and Peter. When she protests about not wanting to be that, Jonas hits her with “But you’re in here because of a public relationship…”

Katia gets very upset and leaves the room, goes out for a smoke and a cry to Sov in the garden. How do we feel about this – will it change public opinion of her?

The discussion rages in the bedroom, but turns to the odds of each of them winning the show. At least, what the odds were when they entered the house.

Outside in the kitchen, Sov is practising shoplifting. My guess is she’s going to invalidate the Last Legs task and make herself even more unpopular. Just after this, Jonas approaches Katia in the kitchen and apologises to her for his comments. She accepts, but sniffily walks off. Forgiven, but not forgotten, Jonas.

Baked Beangate

Vinnia and Alex find Sov’s stashed beans in the snug. They decide to play with the other housemates by pretending that Big Brother told them about the beans – they say that if the culprit owns up, they’ll be fine. If not, the whole house will be punished.

Vinnie pretends to have the high moral ground “Very slippery, Sov, very slippery” Alex and Vinnie return to the snug to gloat – a bonding moment for the hard men? Certainly they look like a clever pair of schemers.

Cantankerous crossword

Big Brother’s final task for the fogies of Last Legs is a cryptic crossword – all of the clues are based on things the housemates have said about each other. Some of the answers are complimentary – most of them are sneaky little opinions the housemates probably didn’t expect to hear repeated.

Funniest moment is when Nicola leaps up and shouts “Bum and ball bag! Bum and ball bag!” She’s referring to what she said about Alex Reid’s arse when he gets dressed in the morning. Nicola adds to Alex “I wasn’t moaning, by the way!”

Sov – yet again – has a meltdown about finding out who insulted her hair. Predictably, she strops off to the garden while the other housemates have a serious bitching session about her. I’m telling you, Lady Sovereign is going home on Friday. Vinnie casually notes that they need to get some fun back in the house. But it may be too late for that – divisions are creeping in among the housemates, and it may be too late to bring back the camaraderie!

Last Legs – Task result

The pretending to be pensioners task is now over, and Big Brother announces the results of the task. The carers pass their tasks. The residents failed two tasks and fail to win their luxury food budget. Can we get a collective “Awwwww”?

Katia and Jonas – on again?

After witnessing Jonas and Katia chatting on his bed again, Dane talks to Nicola about whether they’re back together again. Not realising that Katia is still in the room, he says that the two will make it worse for themselves, because people will think they’re doing it to keep Katia in the house.

Katia gets quite cross about this, storms out to the garden and tells Jonas. And that’s where it ends – are the non-celebrity couple back together? Is Katia using her sexuality for personal gain? Will Jonas and Dane have a falling-out? Does this mean there won’t be a Basshunter ft Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham themed single after the show ends? I’m going to stop now, before I drive myself Insania with all these questions…

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