Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 15 – The Update

Back to [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] after a few days off for me. I’m looking forward to the eviction episode (Nicola T versus Lady Sov) later on, but for now, here’s your day 15 update!

The shrieking clown is still doing the wake-up call in the morning, which must be the most horrible thing to interrupt your sleep. Nicola tells Invisible Dane that she’s ready to go home. Vinnie’s irritible with Nicola when she offers to help in the kitchen. Sov wanders blearily around the living room threatening to “slap somebody in a minute”. Presumably she means big Vin?

Turntable task

Stephen Baldwin helps Alex with some of his training. Sisqo is called to the diary room to win some luxury treats – as the most vocal housemate. The task is basically “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” – however sneaky Big Brother has put six of the housemates on a turntable facing some vile stuff. If Sisqo gets the lyrics wrong, one housemate will get gunked. Sisqo is blissfully unaware of this part of the task.

When he forgets a line to Living On A Prayer, Lady Sov gets shot with cat food. Then they play Whigfield. He hasn’t got a clue! Invisible Dane gets covered in cold custard for this mistake. A screw-up with Lady In Red gets Dane a faceful of fish guts. Wonderful! They give him a blast of basshunter, and Vinnie and Alex get splattered in gravy. Finally they play him Thong Song…and he gets it right! He gets one final song correct – and wins an extra luxury.

But Big Brother isn’t finished – as Sisqo leaves the Diary Room, BB opens fire with all the gunk and covers the housemates on the turntable. Sov looks like a drowned rat, and even Vinnie looks like he’s having trouble holding down his breakfast. That was, after all, a powerful mix of catfood, fish guts, gravy and who knows what else.

Unlady Sovereign

Sov refuses to do the dishes after Vinnie asks her to – citing a toothache as the reason she can’t wash the dinner dishes. The other housemates are bemused about this, and the older housemates talk at length about it in the bedroom. Vinnie and Stephanie are incredibly vocal about how lazy she is – Stephanie calls her despicable.

Despite being browbeat by Vinnie and Stephen, Jonas tries to talk to Sov and convince her to participate more. She maintains her own stance that she’s not at fault, and refuses to help out. Dane, after promising to “destroy” her, goes on the attack – questionning her ghetto credentials. He and Stephen try to argue against her, but Sov’s selfish philosphy is surprisingly watertight – why do I only want to wash my own dishes? Because I don’t ask anybody else to wipe my arse. Try arguing against that one, pops.

The bitching continues in the snug – Vinnie, Ivana, Stephanie and Nicola start talking about Sov and how she feels she’ll be more famous now. They move on to question Stephen’s motives for being friendly with everybody, believing he’s playing a game. Vinnie thinks that Sov’s destroyed her chances with her attitude, and judging by the booing of the crowd in the audience outside, she’s the hot favourite to leave tonight.

Big Bro sends in a legendary football manager (if you know about football) to give the housemates a pep talk to mark ‘half-time’ on their stay in the house! It’s brilliant, especially when he tells Nicola she “offers a lot up front”.

Watching the housemates at their dinner while Sov sits in the snug by herself, it’s clear that she’s been alienated by the the group. At this stage, it’s hard to tell whether she really is that immature, or if she’s working on a plan to get voted out.

She gets further grief later on when she throws away the remainder of her pear in the garden and Dane talks to her about tidying up after herself. Naturally, she gives him stacks of abuse, tells him to go and play with his dick. Charming little lady.

Later on, Big Brother gives Sisqo the hampers he’s won in the task. Inside one of the boxes, there’s a large key – but no clue as to what it’s for…

Jonas decides to parade around the living room in his pants, making Stephen and Sisqo feel somewhat awkward. I think Jonas might be one of the next guys up for eviction next time round. He’s not gelling well with the rest of the house and he’s about to lose a close ally in Sov, leaving him exposed.

Join me later on for live coverage of the eviction…

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