Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 16 – The Update

Another day in the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] world – but today’s going to be different: we get to see Nicola T and Ivana Trump in their undies for a start! And of courese, we get to watch Sov getting kicked out of the house one more time!

But the day begins with everybody being woken to the sound of Stephanie’s snoring. Big Brother’s recorded it and plays it back at top volume to wake the housemates. Stephanie is mortified at the noise she makes.

In the living room, Vinnie is teaching Stephen Baldwin about great tits. Er, the bird kind, not the lady kind. Although he might see some of those later on during the life drawing task! Another classic ornithology quip – “look the blue one’s on top of my nuts!”

Later on, Vinnie tells the other housemates that he came into the house to let people see his personality. He tells them that he’s had 20 years of tabloids making up stuff about him and wanted to give people a chance to make up their own minds. He may have underestimated the amount of public support he already had though, because Vinnie had a great reception when he entered the house. He tells Alex, the only difference between this a-hole (meaning himself) and that a-hole (meaning Alex) is that this a-hole is rich”.

Sisqo goes to the diary room and moans to Big Brother that he’s tired of everybody buzzing around Alex. He’s referring mostly to Stephen’s weird displays of affection towards Alex. You know how he raved about Alex’s strength and posture and muscular build yesterday? Well, Sisqo don’t like it. I think he wants Stephen to feel his muscles and stop leaving him out.

Alex misleads Stephen about Katie Price’s career – Baldwin seems to believe that she’s some kind of author. Yeah right. Her ghost-writer is an author (of sorts). Stephen, misreading Alex’s exaggeration believes that Price has written 35 biographies, all of which became best-sellers. Alex doesn’t do much to change his opinion.

Nicola works through some of her future career options with Dane – fashion, beauty lines and maybe an exercise DVD are things she has in mind.

Crazy Steve Baldwin talks to Jonas about his semi-naked prancing about last night. But somewhere along the line, Stephen believes that Jonas was running around in only his pants. Jonas argues, but the hand of God is with self-righteous Stephen. Fortunately, the hand of Sov is on Jonas’s side, and she backs him up. Victory for Basshumper!

The Life Drawing Task

Big Brother announces a life drawing task, and Vinnie press-gangs Nicola (good taste) and Ivana (it was her or Stephanie, wasn’t it?). Vinnie gives Ivana quite a hard time for doing nothing else around the house, so she agrees to do the task. The two ladies are provided with flesh-coloured underwear, although Ivana is less than happy.

Vinnie takes Stephanie to task for defending Ivana, saying that Ivana’s not embarrassed about her fee for participating in Big Brother, so she should do something to earn her money. Stephanie, as you would expect, comes to see Vinnie’s point of view…

Nicola (looking perky) gives Ivana (looking 80) advice on how to pose and stay comfortable for a long period of time. Stephen doesn’t take long finishing his, but Vinnie takes his time. Later, in the kitchen, he says he’d like Sov and Stephen to get punished for not putting any effort into their drawings. They tease Alex for doing a self-portrait of himself in drag.

The best two pieces were done by Sisqo and Dane in our opinion!

Vinnie’s grudge continues when the housemates are put in the bedroom – he attacks Stephen for finishing his task in under four minutes. Stephen explains that he can’t draw very well and wanted to finish the task quickly. Vinnie…is not satisfied with that answer.

The Andre’s Reuniting

Vinnie teases Alex that there are new housemates coming in tonight – and claims it’ll be Katie Price and Peter Andre. Alex tries to hold a poker face, but Vinnie is adamant that they’d both go on Big Brother for a million quid each. Whether they’d reunite or not, is another question – that’d be funny.

But Vinnie also says that it wouldn’t be fair on Alex if they did, because it would overshadow all the good he may have done for his image in the house. Dane Bowers seems to think that neither Peter or his ex would come into the house, but Alex’s silence is quite damning – he seems to be giving the impression that he thinks they might appear at some stage.

Sov’s Eviction Theft

If you were watching the eviction last night, you should have seen Lady Sovereign throwing the plastic key from Sisqo’s karaoke task into the audience as she left the house.

It turns out that the purpose of the key had not yet been revealed, and Sov had stolen it before leaving, then thrown it away. The housemates were NOT amused.

Speed Hating

As we discovered last night, the housemates were asked to make speedy live nominations. Each housemate had only 30 seconds to make two nominations. We saw the nominations, now it’s time to find out what happened next!

A conversation springs up about Sov and how the housemates treated her. Stephen asks the others how they’d have behaved if it was a relative of theirs. Vinnie becomes very defensive and insults Stephen – saying he needs to stop speaking in riddles. I was kind of shocked that Vinnie had been so mean to Stephen, but he knows Stephen is unpopular with the other housemates and prime to be picked on.

Stephen is upset enough to go to the Diary Room to vent about the attitudes of the other housemates.

In other news, Vinnie confides in Stephanie – suddenly and inexplicably – that his wife has had a heart transplant. I say this because it has no bearing on the conversation they’d been having, and its almost as if Vinnie dropped it in for a bit of a sympathy vote. Care to comment on this?

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