Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 19 – Vinnie vs Sisqo

Here’s day 19 in the Celebrity Big Brother. It starts with Vinnie poring over the Big Brother rule book for the bazillionth time while Sisqo blissfully snores in his bed. Vinnie takes a grievance to Big Bro about Sisqo – he’s taking umbrage about over something Sisqo said about him that’ll cause his family upset and has caused him to lose sleep.

He refuses to say to Big Brother what exactly has caused the outrage, telling them to look at the tapes and act on it. Then he goes into the kitchen and bitches to Dane about the situation. However, we still can’t see what all the fuss was about. Is Vinnie blowing this all out of proportion?

Big Brother requests clarification from Vinnie, but Vinnie insists that he will speak to his solicitor if he doesn’t get satisfaction. He refuses to say what exactly offended him, but claims Sisqo was slagging him off. Big Brother asks Vinnie if he has ever slagged a housemate off, but Vinnie accuses Big Bro of taking an aggressive tone with him. Mental! Dane tries to talk Vinnie out of his rambling, angry state, but Vinnie gives him a gruff “How will you feel when he’s slagging you off?”

In the bedroom, Sisqo is telling Stephen Baldwin that he feels he’s been a bit edgy since he quit smoking a couple of days ago. Is he leading up to an apology to Vinnie?

Yes, he is. After this admission to Stephen, Sisqo seeks out Vinnie and apologies to him. Vinnie takes this in very bad grace, and gives Sisqo a hard time. He advises Sisqo that if the pressure of eviction is making him grumpy, then it’s not the right time to quit smoking. Let’s call it an uneasy truce…


Alex is having a bath and Nicola is squeezing his spots. That’s vile, Big Bro!

Sisqo heads to the Diary Room and talks about apologising to Vinnie. He’s still unhappy with Vinnie’s dominance in the house, and also with the picture that he feels Vinnie is painting of him as a drunk. It’s clear that Sisqo’s opinion of Vinnie hasn’t changed, but he seems to feel that he has to back down since the other housemates aren’t backing him up.

Groupie Love

In the bedroom, Jonas and Dane are sharing stories of groupie sex. Well, Dane hasn’t got much to share, but Jonas tells of a time when three girls knocked on his door dressed as bunnies and asked if he wanted a good time.

Vinnie has nothing to contribute – he says they had the ugliest football team in the world, so groupies were never a problem.

Dane gets called to the Diary Room, where a box is waiting for him. He inserts his key to open it. Inside is a piece of cake and a glass of champaigne. He can have this while he decides who he’s going to award some cake to. Big Brother requires him to indicate who’s to get the cake by patting them on the bum. He goes straight to the kitchen and slaps Stephanie on the backside.

The housemates are given tarts and vicars costumes to celebrate 21 years of Stephen Baldwin being sober. There’s a bit of praying, some dancing, and absolutely no booze! Oh my good lord, there’s even Pass The Parcel! In which Alex Reid wins a huge pair of pink pants. How appropriate…

Have your cake

Stephanie gets called into the Diary Room during the party and is given her cake. Literally. They drop it through the roof onto her lap. This is not what Dane expected when he chose her to receive cake!

Big Brother invites all the other housemates into the Diary Room individually to experience the fear of the cake. They make the housemates sit exactly under the hatch where Stephanie’s cake came from, but they all expect something to land on them. After all that, they call Stephanie back into the Diary Room and drop another piece of cake on her head! Fair play, she takes it in extremely good spirits and calls them a bunch of jerks!

Later on, Nicola decides to put a fake poo in Ivana’s bed. After digging through the trash to find the fake crap, they hide it in her bed. When Ivana returns from the bathroom, she fails to catch on there’s anything in her bed. Eventually she discovers the offending item and throws it across the room.

And on that high note, the Day 19 catch-up is over…

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