Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 24 – The Update

Tonight’s [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] features a double eviction and the injection of a mystery houseguest. I’ll be covering the exiting housemates in seperate posts later on, but before any eviction takes place, we’ve got to catch up with what happened on Day 24.

Is it me you’re looking for?

First up, Stephanie Beacham talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room and expresses her worries about leaving the house. She describes it as a coccoon. In the bedroom, Nicola T reassures Alex Reid that she doesn’t think he’s an idiot, despite voting him “Least Intelligent Housemate” in last night’s awards ceremony.

The housemates are tasked with sculpting a head of Lionel Ritchie out of clay. They’re given time to study his Hello video and, like the girl in the video, their works are to be done blind – Big Brother supplies the velvet blindfolds. What emerges are some of the freakiest looking clay monstrosities you’ll ever see.

In a brilliant twist, Big Brother brings in a Ritchie lookalike to judge their sculptures. Nicola is the first to detect the presence of an outsider and claims Lionel is in the room with them (which is half-true) – and Jonas claims to have smelled a man’s aftershave. In the end, nobody actually sees fake Lionel, but Big Brother upholds the claim and says that Lionel has judged Stephanie’s sculpture to be the best.

Cock Talk

Vinnie sparks a lively discussion about Jonas’s wanger, and whether it really IS the biggest one in Sweden. Nicola admits she’s caught sight of ‘little Basshunter’ a few times and is quite admiring about it too. What she wasn’t aware of was how Jonas’s friend sold all his sex pictures and posted them on the internet.

Later on, Nicola, Stephanie and Vinnie Jones chat about Dane Bowers, his relationship with Katie Price and his fall from fame.

Alex is telling Big Brother about the heirarchy in the house. Big Bro cleverly asks him to define the heirarchy, who he names as Vinnie, Stephanie and Ivana. He talks about how he’d be proud to have changed public opinion of him. At the same time, the other housemates are lamenting the fact that Alex can’t even mention Price’s name in the house and that she didn’t want him to go on the show in the first place.

Poor old Alex – it’ll be interesting to see if he survives the evictions tonight. I’m as interested as he is to see how the public rate him. Aren’t you?

Jonas talks to the others about his Tourettes and how he overcame it. It’s probably one of the top ten most boring Big Brother conversations ever. Perhaps recognising this, Big Brother gives the housemates some wine and some discussion topics. Vinnie and Dane both pay Alex some nice compliments. Nicola talks about how she felt embarrassed when she went in. Vinnie tells how he felt there’d be bigger names in the house, which is not a great reflection on the other housemates!

It seems to work though, there’s some gentle camaraderie between the housemates.

Dane talks candidly to Big Brother about people assuming he’s a ‘dick’. He says he hopes he’s changed public perception of him. Personally, I like Dane. He’s more of an unassuming kind of guy than I imagined, and he’s probably managed to change a few people’s perceptions of him.


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