Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Day 25 – The Update

Day 25 in the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] house, and the Tree Of Temptation blackmails Vinnie Jones into pretending to be emotional with the other housemates. The Tree wants him to claim thatthe housemates are better friends to him than people he’s known for years. He refuses, despite the slippery enticements of the Tree. So, the Tree reverts to threats and warns that the housemates would face its wrath! I love that tree sooo much!

Vinnie reluctantly agrees – his task is to become weepy with emotion for his housemates, which should be the ultimate test for his acting abilities!

The first victim of Vinnie’s love-in is Alex Reid – he warms up by saying that he had a flirtation with cross-dressing for a while. Alex gets all excited about having a buddy to talk about high-heels and handbags with – “I know! I mean, getting dressed up in women’s clothes and enjoying it – does that make you a cross-dresser? Er, yes Alex, it does…

Finally, in the middle of lunch, Vinnie puts on his sullen, withdrawn face. Alex seems to notice he’s being quieter. He asks them all if they were serious about keeping in touch, and after a minute, he gets up and walks into the bedroom. Alex chooses a bad moment to chide him for being soppy, and Nicola Tappenden gently tells him off for being insensitive.

Alex himself has a soppy Katie Price moment in the Diary Room – he says he’s looking forward to seeing her on the outside. Also, he reports some real love for his fellow housemates and intends to keep in touch/use them for a leg up the career ladder when the need arises. He’s still not allowed to use her name on TV though – what does that say about their relationship?

As a reward for fooling the housemates, Vinnie gets to watch a Leeds match in one of the secret rooms.

Farmyard Fun

As part of the lead-in to last night’s shock eviction, Big Brother supplies farmyard animal costumes to the housemates for a task that night – it’s an elaborate ruse which ties in to the eviction of Nicola Tappenden and infiltration of Davina McCall wearing a chicken costume.

It is still the freakiest thing I’ve seen on TV in years. The bizarreness of the housemates running around in costumes, communicating in grunts and clucks.

We get a quick reminder of last night’s eviction, with Ivana Trump getting booted out first, followed by Nicola Tappenden’s sneak exit via the Diary Room. Back in the house, the housemates have mostly removed the heads of their costumes – Dane Bowers and Alex are talking about Nicola being in the Diary Room for a very long time. This is perhaps why [[Davina McCall|Davina]] got rumbled by the housemates so quickly – it took roughly half an hour for her to get into the house.

Actually, watching the whole thing again, Davina instantly raises suspicion by walking around the house in a shifty way. She evades them and runs around the house – and most frighteningly, they start shoving her around. She trips and crawls out to the garden as Jonas Altberg suggests Katia Ivanova has returned. Ha, wishful thinking Basshumper!

There’s a scary moment where Alex Reid guesses that it’s Katie Price and does a humping dance. Davina, suitably frightened, runs and hides in the toilet. She then goes into the bedroom and terrorises Stephanie Beacham. Alex and Vinnie grab her and pull her to the ground, then try to coax her into the pen. She hides in the bedroom with Stephanie until Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room.

When she returns from the Diary Room, the housemates speculate that it might be Davina – based on the hair colour. Dane even suggests that Davina has always wanted to go into the house. She talks to Jonas outside in the garden, but I don’t think he knows her well enough to identify her voice. Jonas goes back inside and tells the others that he feels sorry for her.

The housemates gather round the coffee table and sit on bales of hay. Davina finally reveals herself and gets hugs from her tormentors! Stephanie apologises for saying that Davina had masculine hands and Davina congratulates them all for getting to the final. After a quick visit to the Diary Room, she exits via the secret door. I’d have preferred it if they’d let her stay the night – that would have been a lot of fun!

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