Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 26 – The Update

We’re getting all excited about the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] live final tonight, but first, there’s a bit of an update from Day 26.

Stephanie Beacham is talking about being the last woman in the house. She reckons that the guys would rather be able to just wander about in their underwear without having to worry about the one remaining female.

In the bedroom, the guys are bantering. Vinnie Jones is ribbing Dane Bowers about being a skinflint – “You’re so tight, when you wake up you look under the bed to see if you’ve lost any sleep!” Brilliant line, Vinnie at least deserves a few votes for that quip.

At dinner, Big Brother pipes Sinatra’s I Did It My Way into the house as the housemates began toasting each other and making some seemingly heartfelt speeches. Alex thanks Vinnie (and Stephen) for their straight-talking advice and Stephanie dabs a few tears from her eyes. Vinnie describes it as a “wonderful experience” and one that they’ll learn from after they leave in ways they can’t imagine now. Stephanie calls them all dear for being so teasing toward her – she describes herself as a “stuck up cow” when she entered the house and tells them all she’s enjoyed herself enormously.

There’ll definitely be a few weepy Big Brother fans tonight…

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