Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 4 – The Update

Tonight’s episode of [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] was dominated by Basshunter’s Jonas Altberg.

Jonas was making a snowman in the BB garden when he was approached by a shifty looking tree. No, seriously, it was a talking tree. I’m not tripping. The blue-eyed Swede was told that if he would sprinkle sand on the bed of another housemate – he could choose which bed – then Stephanie Beacham would get Egyptian cotton sheets for the remainder of her stay in the house.

You could see Jonas struggling with the decision as he rolled snow in the garden. Ultimately though, he came into the house and gathered everybody in the living room. It looked for a moment that he was trying to clear out the bedroom, but he shocked us all by outing Big Brother and the Tree of Temptation. He told them what had been offered by the talking Tree, which Sisqo called “the epitome of bravery”. Sisqo later told Big Brother in the Diary Room that he hadn’t expected such underhand tactics from the show.

Later on, Altberg was called into the Diary Room. He was told that there would be a punishment for betraying the Tree of Temptation. Asked to nominate another Housemate to suffer with him, he chose Lady Sovereign. They were sent to a separate room in the house and made to listen to one Basshunter song over and over. And without the eye candy that usually accompanies Basshunter tunes, it was pure torture.


  • We caught Stephanie Beacham having a bath fully clothed and wearing sunglasses. What? Steph, we’ve been in the house, and there’s a shower sans camera just in the next room. Later, she and Alex Reid stick their arses in the air and have a conversation – visually, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.
  • Is it sad that I had the Dru Hill album that featured the song Sisqo was singing? Everybody knows Thong Song, but I bet most of them never owned Enter The Dru.
  • Stephen Baldwin tries to show Alex Reid some boxing moves. Now, I know Reid is henpecked by ‘the Pricey’, but I think he knows how to throw a punch. The icing on the cake for me was when Baldwin walked away saying, “Now make that move your own…”
  • Heidi tells us a little bit about being in jail. Sounded like she had to give a few lesbian prison favours, poor thing. Seriously. She made it sound like hell.
  • Stephen’s regular bible-bashing sessions. I’m no fan of bibles, but anyone who denies the evidence of evolution rightly deserves contempt. Alex Reid earns respect points for challenging Baldwin’s fundamentalist views. Baldwin: “If we’re evolved from apes, why are the apes still here?”

I’ve been giving Stephen Baldwin the benefit of the doubt up to this point, but the evolution debate did it for me. I can respect other religious views – up to a point. Anyone else a fan of the bible-bashing going on in the house?

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