Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 7 – The Update

Jonas starts the day with a confessional in the Diary Room, calling Katia his ‘soul mate’ and saying you don’t meet people like that very often. He notes the boyfriend-on-the-outside problem and says “sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish”.

In the lounge, Heidi is telling Nicola and Sov that she’s thinking about leaving. Nicola tells her that Vinnie needs her, which doesn’t really wash with her.

In the bedroom, Alex is talking about his busy lifestyle. Vinnie continues his campaign of winding up Alex by telling him that he could do more damage in a fight by singing at his competitor than hitting them. Ivana changes the subject by talking about her shopping habits.

Ivana continues to talk in the living room, but Heidi looks less and less enthusiastic to see her. She challenges Ivana quite a few times about her social class – and Ivana happily chatters on about her early life. Later on, Katia, Sov and Sisqo chat in the smoking area about Ivana and how rich she is. Sisqo – “a million is like $20 dollars to them”.

Basshunter comes along and Sisqo andSov disappear to leave him alone with Katia. Not sure she wants to be left alone with him, given that she dumps his ass later on. For the moment, he’ll continute to fondle her hair and whatever else like a lovestruck puppy.

Elsewhere, Heidi requests to leave, saying she’s not comfortable anymore. She wants her food, she wants her things. She says she’s not in the zone anymore. Wonder if this has anything to do with her brother’s death? Big Brother sends her away to talk further with her housemates about whether she should leave. They’re clearly keen not to lose her so soon. She chats to Stephanie about things for a minute or two, saying that she’s at a bad place in her life.

The Tree of Temptation

The wonderful Tree of Temptation makes a reappearance when he/she/it asks Alex to do a secret task. The tree offers him use of his punchbag for an hour if he “kicks the shit out of the snowman, Bruce Lee stylee”. Alex doesn’t wuss out like Basshunter, he just walks into the house, changes into something looser and then proceeds to beat the snowman into a slushy pulp.

What’s really funny is that the housemates stare at him for a minute, aghast. Then the penny drops and they realise he’s been given a secret task!

Let’s be honest though, the Tree of Temptation gets all the best lines, doesn’t he? “Spit it out, Alex!”

Heidi’s non-departure

Heidi returns to the Diary Room, but she’s ‘calmed down’ and changed her mind about leaving. That’s good. She’s got a lot more to give, in my opinion. She’s a weird girl, and I kind of want to know a bit more about her.

Baldwin is gossiping in the kitchen about Ivana and her husbands. He’s convinced that Alex and Ivana might start something up together, but Vinnie just laughs it off.

Basshumper is still trying to rub himself against Katia while Alex has scored his hour with a punchbag. Katia confides in Basshumper that she’s always been in one relationship or another since the age of fourteen. Yes, but whose relationship has she been in?

Alex returns to the living room soaking in sweat – he draws much attention to himself, but tries to lie that he’s been given a punishment. In the words of Detective Katia, “I’m not buying it.” He’s clearly rumbled, and in the kitchen Head Gossipmeister Vinnie Jones has it worked out – he had to knock down the snowman for a reward.

Vinnie teases Alex in the bedroom about being eligible for eviction. I love the way that Vinnie has the alpha dog thing down so effortlessly – Alex hasn’t got a chance.

Later on, in the evening there’s a music-themed discussion in the living room. He kinda makes a prick of himself as he condones war and then says he’d love to be rich and stupid.

Vinnie admits to Stephanie that he wants to turn public opinion of him around. He talks about Alex and admits that he had preconceptions about him before he came into the house. But ends up by saying “He’s only been in the public eye for six months” and noting that Alex has made mistakes but “isn’t a bad lad”. Stephanie tells Vinnie that she doesn’t want to go out straight away. In a moment of bitchiness toward Katia, she brands her a ‘taker’, noting her tendency to borrow things from other people…

Interesting episode tonight – a lot of good musing on the nature of celebrity from some strange places – who’d have thought Vinnie Jones and Stephanie Beacham would be confiding in each other?

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