Celebrity Big Brother 2010, Day 8 – First Nominations

Eighth day in the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother]] house and it’s the first set of nominations, which may set a cat amongst the pigeons. Nominations are being called in weight order from lightest to heaviest. Nicola is called to the Diary Room from her bed, groggy and incoherent. She nominates Sisqo for patronizing her, and Katia because she’s not a great contributor around the house.

Sov nominates Heidi for sleeping more than she speaks and not doing very much. She also nominates Alex for being offhand with her and not making any effort. Katia nominates Nicola for acting dumb, and Stephanie for being ‘snobbish’ toward the younger housemates. Heidi nominates Lady Sovereign…er, because of her vampire teeth, and possibly because she’s a “stoopid little kid”. She also nominates Stephanie for being obnoxious and judgmental. Quite shocking that two people said that about Stephanie, because that was my preconception when she went in the house.

Heidi walks straight out of the Diary Room and tells Dane who she voted for – in front of Stephanie. Although Dane claims that she could be lying.

Stephanie is next to nominate and she calls out Jonas for his smutty humour “farting and shitting”. Katia is on her list – “a beautiful orchid, she has no roots of her own, she lives off other people”. Sisqo is up next and nominates Heidi for being lazy and again not contributing (same as Sov). He nominates Dane (calling him Dean) for being melancholy and almost seeming like a “regular guy”.

Basshumper (aka Jonas) nominates Heidi first, shockingly for being lazy and sleeping too much again. His second is Sisqo for bragging about his record sales – professional envy, Jonas? Dane firstly nominates Katia for not getting involved. He’s feeling left out by her. And secondly, he nominates Stephen. He claims to respect Stephen’s opinions, but is annoyed at how aggressively he shoves his opinions on others.

Alex next, and he’s quick to nominate Heidi for being a bitch. His second is for Sov – he says she seems unhappy and behaves like a lazy young girl. Vinnie’s up next and shockingly he nominates Heidi first, even though they seemed to have a tight relationship, because of her laziness. His second nomination is Stephen – and again the bible bashing is cited as a problem.

Stephen is the last housemate to nominate – he wanders off to the Diary Room and names Lady Sov, for lack of participation within the house. Secondly he nominates Jonas for being self-absorbed and not really contributing.

Heidi got the most votes – 5 nominations. But Katia and Sov also got three nominations apiece. There will be two evictions on Friday, so only one over those three will remain in the house. I reckon Heidi will go, and Katia doesn’t have much public support. But does Lady Sovereign have enough of a fanbase to keep her in?

Back to normal life…

The housemates are talking about Katia and Jonas in the living room, specifically their nocturnal noises. Doesn’t matter, because Katia is already warning Basshumper that he’s being too clingy, the beginning of the end for that relationship?

Later on, Jonas has an unattractive sulk about Katia. Nicola and Sov tease her about whether she’s dumping him or not. It’s all very schoolgirlie as they tease Jonas over his trousers… What age is Katia anyway?

After much deliberation, she sits the poor Swede down in the bedroom and tells him they need to stop their relationship. The look of utter devastation on his face…he looks like a seal that’s just been clubbed. He should write a shitty Europop tune to get his feelings out.

Katia insists on wearing that ugly furry hat/white glasses combination for the whole day. She didn’t get those at Specsavers.

Food, confiscated

Somewhere along the line, Big Bro confiscates all the food in the kitchen. Dane inspects the cupboards and reports them to be bare.

The punishment is revealed to have been about the housemates discussing nominations. Big Brother reads out transcripts of all the discussions that took place. The housemates are told that they’ve been given strictly emergency supplies as a punishment. Harsh, but fair, Big Bruvva!

Stephen and Nicola have a mini-argument about how their conversation broke the rules. Stephen blames her for the breach, but Nicola goes to the Diary Room, where Big Brother repeats the statement again. She comes out to extract an apology from Stephen, but he turns the tables and tells her Big Brother lied to her.

Elsewhere, Jonas and Alex strip down and go outside and kick snow at each other. Does it work for you, ladies? Thankfully the full-frontal threat never materializes and the nation doesn’t have to gouge its eyes out.

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