Celebrity Big Brother 2010: First evictee is Katia Ivanova

Well, there you have it – the person with the least celebrity credentials is the first out of the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] house. Famous for her affair with Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood, Katia lazed away her time in the house, alternating between lounging on the sofas and smoking in the garden.

Katia did herself no favours by snuggling up to horny Swedish musician Basshumper in a desperate attempt to gain favour with the public. Or at least capture their attention enough to stay in.

In her exit interview, Davina asks her about going into the house having a boyfriend and canoodling with Jonas under the covers. Asked how she felt about Jonas, she says she liked him, but doesn’t elaborate on any romantic feelings. She doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about the relationship. And she laughs when Davina says she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore.

Talking about her housemates, she says she likes Lady Sovereign but is wary of her temper. She says she least liked Stephanie because – get this – of all the questions she asked. Imagine that, nosy old cow trying to find out more about the people she’s living with. How unreasonable!

And so the curtain descends on Katia’s 15 minutes of fame. Unless she fancies becoming an opera star on ITV. The most important things we learned about her during her time in the house were:

  • despite her name, she’s not Russian, she speaks with a London accent, and
  • she lives in a morally dubious netherland that doesn’t recognise the relationship status of other people

Still, I liked her more than Sov, who was a grumpy little trollbeast for the last week. Stay tuned for the second part of tonight’s double eviction post! Who’ll be next to leave the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother house]]?

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