Celebrity Big Brother 2010: Heidi Fleiss is the second evictee

Shock! Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. I am genuinely shocked – I thought it was going to be Lady Sovereign! The serial sleeper has been woken up for long enough to drag her out of the house and down those steps. She gets booed, but nowhere nearly as severely as celebrity maneater Katia.

In her interview with Davina, Fleiss admits to having done nothing during her stay in the house. She says Vinnie did most of her work for her, so she pretty much had nothing to do. This should be a fairly short interview though – unless Davina raises the fact that Heidi’s brother died just before she went into the house. Or her nearly walking out of the house about a week ago.

She says she was never worried about offending the other housemates. On Vinnie: “I love Vinnie. He’s all man, he has heart, he took care of me. He’s everything a woman wants. Vinnie is just a beautiful man.” On Stephen Baldwin: “He’s a dork, but you still like him. Jonas is way more annoying.” She doesn’t hold a soft spot for Alex Reid or Sisqo either. Heidi says they both got on her nerves.

Explaining her attitude to Ivana at the start, she says it was because she thought Sov had been taken away. She says she likes Sov and only nominated her because she thought Sov would be safe.

Summing up, Heidi describes her Big Brother experience as ‘cool’. Straight and to the point.

At the same time, I thought Heidi had much more to tell. One of my favourite moments with Heidi was when Vinnie got her talking about her prison experience. Compared to Lady Sovereign, whose biography would you rather read?

Not a good night for the sexual deviants in the house!

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