Celebrity Big Brother 2010 – Jonas “Basshunter” Altberg finishes in fourth place!

Straight on the heels of Stephanie Beacham’s eviction, Basshunter (aka Jonas Altberg) is evicted from the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother]] house in fourth place. He walks out looking suave in his tux and braces to fanatical cheering from the audience. As popular as he may have been, he didn’t get the votes to be in the final three.

So far, my predictions for the order of eviction have been spot on – what about yours?

Jonas is best known for his obsession with Katia Ivanova and their short-lived romance in the house. He’s also the one who’s been the most naked in the house. Jonas describes his time in the house as “funny, hilarious, emotional” and says he’s never laughed so much in his whole life.

[[Davina McCall]] probes him in his exit interview about said relationship with Katia, and shows him some video footage to back up her points. He claims to be completely over their relationship, and denies that he was in love, saying that being inside the house made his feelings more intense. The crowd respond badly to that statement.

Davina shows him a quote from an interview Katia gave saying she loves Jonas. He says “Too late, baby.” Then he reveals that Katia told him it was all just a game. He’s ready to spill the beans, but Davina wisely shuts him up and moves on. He’ll thank her later when he’s selling that story for a few grand. Katia looks mortified in the celebrity gallery – she’s watching all this, which is quite cruel on her.

Jonas describes Alex as a good friend and recommends him as honest, funny and an all-round good guy.

Asked who he wants to win, Jonas names Alex. Now, read all about his torrid love affair with Ivanova in this Sunday’s tabloids…

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