Celebrity Big Brother 2010 – Stephanie Beacham finishes in fifth place!

On the live final of [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]], actress and 80’s superbitch Stephanie Beacham has been evicted in fifth place. As she walks out the front doors of the house to the Dynasty theme tune, she’s met with massive cheers (and a few boos) from the audience.

We had just seen Stephanie and the other housemates sharing an intimate dinner where each gave a speech about their time on Celebrity Big Brother. Stephanie had acknowledged herself as a “stuck up cow” when she entered, but said she hadn’t been teased and laughed so much since she was 10 years old.

Stephanie will be remembered for her terrible snoring, which disturbed the sleep of many housemates during her stay. Then there’s the incident where she had to break a vase that Big Brother awarded to Ivana, and her getting caked on the head – twice – by Big Brother in the Diary Room!

In her exit interview, [[Davina McCall]] praises Stephanie for the most glamorous exit from the house they’ve ever had. On the last two days with the boys in the house, she says they mostly ignored her! We see her calling Big Brother “the best holiday I’ve had in years” as she gets pampered by the other housemates.

She enjoyed it because there was no telephone, nothing she had to do. She said she had to give up control completely. She describes her bond with Ivana as “we’re both elegant women of a certain age” – the programme has a bit of a break there, something happened that we didn’t know about?

Davina asks her if she thinks she was bitchy and the crowd roars “No!” She acknowledges a divide between the younger and older housemates, and on the subject of Jonas, seems to think they’ve tamed him – “he doesn’t talk about fecal matter as much any more”.

She defends Vinnie’s contribution to the house briefly, and then talks about bonding with Nicola on girlie matters. Stephanie says she wasn’t impressed with the rebuilding the cow task, but enjoyed them all.

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