Celebrity Big Brother 2010 – Vinnie Jones finishes in third place!

Oh, old Vinnie Jones isn’t going to be happy about this. Davina announced that he’d finished in third place (not bad for someone who’d discredited himself so much). When he heard that he had to wait half an hour to come out, he instantly started grumbling about having to hang around, and what were they doing for the next 30 minutes anyway.

Well, airing an episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Vinnie. That’s much more important than your exit interview.

Vinnie Jones has been the resident alpha male in the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] this year. Despite quite a few strong males, Vinnie managed to maintain dominance in the house through a combination of being verbally intimidating and quite hard-looking too. Despite being an early favourite, Vinnie damaged his chances when he claimed that two of the people who “went up against” him had been evicted straight after. He also dented his ‘man of the people’ image when he talked about his wealth – Alex Reid picked up on this and mentioned it to him last week.

Vinnie’s departure from the house leaves Alex Reid and Dane Bowers battling for the winner’s position.

Half an hour later, a very sombre Vinnie Jones walks out of the front doors to equal amounts of cheering and booing. It’s like the audience are fighting each other to get their point across. Vinnie eventually cracks a smile and it’s time for his final chat with [[Davina McCall]]. Davina looks worried at Vinnie’s reaction to the crowd – somewhere in his head, he figured he was the most famous person there and a dead-cert to win.

The first thing Davina menions is his desire to win – but he claims he brought locker-room banter to the house. She flatters him by telling him he didn’t receive a single nomination during the entire series. We see a fantastic set of clips of Vinnie ruling the house. He responds by saying “The truth hurts sometimes.”

On the altercation with Sisqo, he says that Sisqo upset him greatly but he says that’s all over now. He says if Sisqo had kept his cool, he could have gone all the way and won it. He claims that he wasn’t controlling, that he was just trying to keep order. “I’ve been a captain all my life and was just trying to keep some stability in the house.”

On Alex Reid, he says “He got the biggest boos going in and hopefully he’ll get the biggest cheers coming out.” Vinnie claims he’s responsible for Alex’s success in the house! On Dane Bowers (or Mini Vinnie), he says Dane got along with everybody from day 1. He says that whatever Dane gets from his Big Brother success he fully deserves it.

Vinnie Jones, you’ve been a fantastic housemate! Even with all that grumpy attitude!

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