Celebrity Big Brother 2013- Most Explosive Series Yet?

Big Brother started just over a week ago with a bunch of new celebrities living in the well-known house. Heidi and Spencer, Rylan and Claire from Steps were some of the celebs that entered the compound and have entertained us since. Could this be the best series yet?

Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother has been quite successful, especially with the series with Denise Welch and the playboy twins. This year they stirred it up with the introduction of the basement. Soon as the first celebs arrived which was Rylan and Frankie, they found out they would decide who would go into the basement and who would join them in the main house. As well as this, they decided they would stay in the main house and sent Heidi and Spencer down to the basement which they have never forgiven Rylan for. The basement was cold and they had to rummage for food and it was a great twist. After they were all reunited, everyone seemed to get on well until Paula left and they made Speidi take part in a secret mission where they would pretend they had walked out of the house. After ‘fake’ leaving they returned to the basement which had been altered to accommodate to their needs, as well as offering them the chance to watch the other housemates. They weren’t very happy, obviously, to see their fellow housemates moan about them and called them like crazy, especially Claire, Rylan and Ryan. They made them take part in several tasks such as asking them questions from the ‘viewers’ then dumping dog food all over the housemate if they didn’t like the answer (which happened to poor Ryan). They also made big brother wake fellow housemates with annoying alarms.

The housemates were finally reunited after Sam’s exit on Friday which didn’t go down very well at all to say the least. The couple nominated Rylan and Claire as the most boring housemates and this didn’t go down well with either of them. Rylan started straight away and argued that he isn’t fake as they made out. They also started on Claire and then onto Ryan, who tried to make a joke which didn’t go down well. When Spencer starting arguing with Ryan, Razor stood up and shouted at Spencer and it looked like he might of hit him if Rylan hadn’t stepped in. Although Razor was called to the diary room and he apologised, Heidi and Spencer said they did not feel safe in the house and wanted to speak to producer. They were then sent to the basement where they chilled out with wine! Then Razor was called to the diary room for a further formal warning for his behaviour. I’m not defending Razor shouting but he was standing up for Ryan and Spencer should not of joked and mimicked Ryan’s accent. The Americans should not have been sent down to the basement, it wasn’t fair to reward them and it has come across very biased.  I think Big Brother’s twist with the fake walk out was genius still though and it’s made it more interesting.

The housemates are struggling to get much limelight with everything going on. Sam was a good choice to go after not really doing much but Paula was quite interesting and a strange character so it would of been good if she had stayed. Gillian, Trish and Claire to an extent have hardly been shown and it’s unfortunate as Trish is meant to be a really fun person like Denise. They all appear really nice though but one of them will be next to go I think. Lacey seems to get involved with the group and is sometimes nice enough but is fairly annoying and is really there only to be the ‘pretty’ one. Jockey Frankie has gone very quiet after being very fun earlier on but he still hopefully will reach the final. Ryan also has been fairly quiet apart from last night and hasn’t reached his full potential. I was surprised that him and Sam’s votes were very close. Razor has been fairly fun in the house and has come across quite well and I think he could be a potential finalist if the house doesn’t hold this all against him. Rylan has shown to be very fun and a nice guy, he has had the public’s support from the beginning and hopefully he will win. Spencer and Heidi will be the ones we remember from this series and as much as I don’t like them, I think they have a good chance of making the final as they are entertaining and strange.

If Big Brother brings some more twists, it could be very interesting in there. The fallout will continue for a few days and some of the friendships have been tested, especially when nobody stood up for Rylan. For now I think Razor, Frankie, Rylan and Spencer and Heidi will make the final.


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