Celebrity Big Brother Is Back!

Luke A walked away with the top prize on Monday night and viewers were only left waiting two days for the new series to start. Celebrity Big Brother began on Wednesday with a bunch of well-known stars entering the compound for the next couple of weeks.  Take a look at the 13 celebrities that may win the show…

After a quiet series of Big Brother (although there was lots of backstabbing and was claimed to be one of the ‘bitchiest’ houses ever) Luke A won the show after being fairly popular and seeming like a genuinely nice guy. The house was cleaned and spruced up for the next bunch of celebrity housemates that had been rumoured to enter for weeks.

Ashley: The Judo athlete is known to be quite a character and is fairly well known for his bad behaviour. He took part in the Olympics but lost out in the first round. He has been fairly quiet so far but I think he may get quite annoyed by certain housemates and perhaps will show off his bad temper. He may get with one of the ladies too after some flirting with Rhian. As long as he doesn’t get too angry, I think he will stay in the house for a good while yet.

Cheryl: The Eastenders star is best known for playing the wonderful Heather, who recently got killed off in the soap. The bubbly lady made an impression with her first task which was hilarious. She will be quite straight with her feelings and I think she will bring some humour into the house. As long as she stays herself, I think she has a good chance of making the final and possibly winning. Her fans from Eastenders will help her stay in for longer too.

Coleen: The Loose Women lady is best known for being one of the Nolan sisters and she is famous for her position on the chat show. Talking to a lot of celebrities, she may know lots of gossip and it will be interesting what comes up. She has again been fairly quiet so far but I think she will voice her opinions and could be a good contender to make the final and win the show.  She will be hoping to follow in her co-star Denise’s footsteps.

Danica: The underwear model is most well-known for taking part in ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’. The pretty woman seems like she may be quite bitchy and perhaps could be quite manipulating. She will be nominated soon and could potentially go after she has been flirting with several of the guys and seems to be quite a player.  I don’t think she has a chance of winning.

Mc Harvey: The singing star of So Solid crew is also known for controversially cheating on Alesha Dixon with pop star Javine. The singer also got in trouble this year for claiming he had a fling with Cheryl Cole. He has seemed ok and quite reasonable in the house so far but I think he may be quite manipulative and could potentially cause trouble in the house. I really don’t think he will make the final.

Jasmine: The model appeared on ‘Make me a model’ and is heavily rumoured to have had an affair with Simon Cowell. She is known for her bad behaviour and we can already see her short fuse in the house. She has already made it clear she will speak her mind and already has spoke of her dislike for Danica. She is up for nomination this week and although she is very entertaining I think she is very likely to leave the house.

Julian: The comedian is well known across the world and has taken part in many very successful tours. It is quite surprising that the comedian has entered the house and I hope it won’t ruin his career. He has already shone in the house with his jokes and sarcasm and I think that he will provide a lot of fun to the house. I think he has a good chance of making the final and winning the whole show if he remains as funny.

Julie: Julie is best known for playing the ledgendary Bet Lynch from Corrie. She has had a very successful career and is very well known. She was very funny in the first task and I hope that she remains as funny. I do worry that she may find the house quite hard and perhaps may walk but I hope this won’t be the case. I think she will provide some humour in the house and could win the whole thing.

Prince Lorenzo:  Lorenzo is best known for taking part in the Bachelor and also he is a prince. The good looking guy seems to be quite charming and will get the womens vote. He has been quite quiet  so far but I think he may get quite flirty with the ladies. I think that he will be sticking around in the house for a while yet.

Martin: The singer is known for being in the successful band Spandau Ballet and also for playing Steve Owen in Eastenders. He is very well known by the public so I think this will boost his popularity and will help him secure a place in the final. He has been quiet in the house so far but genuinely seems like a nice guy. I think he will speak his mind if he needs to but I think he will do well and could win the show.

Rhian: The Page 3 model is a very pretty girl that will be liked by the boys. She is most famous for ‘sex texting’ with Vernon Kay although she has already tried to deny it in the house. She has been fairly ok so far in the house but I think she will be very bitchy. She has already been nominated and she will have a high chance of going because of the Vernon scandal. I think there is no chance of her winning.

Samantha: The journalist is most well known for her controversial article about how beautiful she is. She talks about how other women envy her and how hard it is to be so pretty. She has been very quiet so far in the house and has been the biggest surprise so far in terms of being quite different to what you expect. I still think her article will bring her down with the public but I think she will be in there for a while yet.

The Situation: This guy is most well known for being in the very popular show ‘Jersey Shore’. He is better known in American and this may be an issue compared to the other stars in the house. He has seemed fairly outgoing so far but his opinions may get him into trouble with the other housemates. He has already admitted he fancies Danica but may be just saying this to get further in the competition. I don’t think he will win the show but may get to the final.

So it looks like it will be a very interesting series of Celebrity Big Brother.


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