Celebrity Big Brother, Day 19 – The Update

It looks like the Tree of Temptation is up to his old tricks again, convincing Dane Bowers to pretend to have a nightmare and get a fellow housemate to hug him. Devious…but weird.

Stephen, Vinnie and Ivana are discussing this in the kitchen, and Vinnie gently mocks Stephen that he should’ve took the bible in there and sorted it. Stephen, with a perfect straight face, says you don’t need a bible and that he performed a “quick fix” last night anyway.

Scarily, Stephen claims to have 50,000 people praying for him during his stay in the house, and he says that by reading the bible, Satan will be wound up and be causing mischief. The fact that the Tree of Temptation is behind all of this just goes to show how willing Stephen is to believe everything in terms of religion. Frightening, utterly frightening.

Dane receives the key as his prize from Big Brother for getting the Tree’s task right. He’s told not to talk to the other housemates and to hide the key. Allegedly the key can get him certain privledges. Big Brother returns the normal furniture and stops mucking about with the temperature as a result.


Nicola sings Big Brother’s praises for giving them such a nice treat after being horrible to them. Alex looks at her like she’s demented. In the snug, Stephanie, Stephen and Ivana are chatting – they bitch about the younger housemates again, Ivana giving her presence credit for the housemates taking more care with their appearance.

A conversation kicks off in the living room about Jonas and his sexuality. He says he’s 100% heterosexual, but that he almost wishes he was gay. He claims to be totally comfortable with his sexuality, to the point where he can grab a guy’s balls and not be gay. Nicola says “Yeah, me too.” But you’re a girl Nicola, grabbing a guy’s gonads wouldn’t make you gay at all!

Big Brother gives the housemates a meaty task. After feeding them all a roast beef dinner, they’re led to the task room, dressed as butchers. The room contains a wire frame of a cow, which the housemates have to completely cover in offal. No offal/awful puns here, I promise!

This task is straight from the Damian Hirst school of bad taste, especially since the celebrities were fed a roast beef dinner beforehand.

Gone but not forgotten

She might be gone, but the housemates are still talking about Sov. Sisqo, Stephanie and Ivana are talking about how she stole the key. Sisqo – blissfully unaware that Dane now holds the key – bemoans the fact that the housemates will never know what that key was for. Soooo evil….

In the bedroom, Nicola has a quiet weep about her daughter. She’s clearly homesick. Dane comforts her a little, and its nice to see a male/female relationship in the house that’s nurturing and friendly.

Jonas is also upset – he’s been having bad dreams, the poor thing. About monsters, you know.

The backstabbing continues in the snug, with Vinnie and Stephanie sharpening their knives for Sisqo. They’re such a bunch of old nit-pickers. Stephanie in particular is a real old moan.

Alex tells the housemates about an institution he worked in where one of the patients thought he was Jesus. We’re not pointing the finger at Stephen here, but… Speaking of Stephen, he goes to Big Brother to request to speak to his daughter on her birthday. BB rejects the request and Stephen makes some sly indirect threats about “wrath”. I wonder if he’ll cause some mayhem before the weekend.

Hold on, he up for eviction on Friday!!! If he gets kicked out, surely it’s a moot point about getting to call his daughter? He must be expecting to stay in.

Vinnie and Alex

Vinnie talks to Alex about how he could cool things down with Peter Andre – by sitting down and clearing the air. Alex acknowledges that it must be hard for Peter to see him in magazine with the kids. Betcha that the dinner between Andre and Reid never happens!

Nice to see Vinnie acting as Alex’s life coach.

The non-pensionable housemates have a chat about their ambitions to either win or be in the final. In the Diary Room, Vinnie has a moan about Sisqo, claiming he was bitter toward Vinnie and Dane. Looks like Vinnie will be mounting a campaign against Sisqo. Sisqo declares that he’ll go to town on Vinnie.

After having some tense words with Vinnie, Sisqo mouths off in the livingroom. Stephen comes into the bedroom like a hump-backed henchman and tells Vinnie what’s going on. Vinnie dismisses Stephen quite rudely, which will do little to endear him to the masses who believe Vinnie’s becoming a bit of a bully.

The thing is, Vinnie is clearly rattled being challenged by someone else. He gets very grumpy and bad-mouths Sisqo. The best bit is that Vinnie was badmouthing Sisqo five minutes earlier in the Diary Room! He’s clearly got a plan to get rid of the Thing Song singer, and is running a propaganda campaign to turn the other housemates against him. Watch and see…

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