Celebrity Big Brother – Live Nominations, 18 January 2010

Well, after Lady Sovereign’s eviction from the Big Brother house, the excitement continues apace as the remaining housemates are forced to do live nominations. The beauty of the live nominations is that the housemates have almost no time to prepare. To make it more pressured, they only have 30 seconds each to make their nominations.

First housemate to nominate is cage fighter Alex Reid, who opts to get rid of the Americans, but chooses to nominate Sisqo instead of Stephen. He also nominates Dane Bowers for being too nice and being a threat to him in the house. Miaow!

Dane’s nominations are up next – he names Ivana first, then Stephen for taking forever to get a sentence out. This is the start of a trend against Stephen, who clearly thinks his ‘be nice to everybody’ strategy is a winner. He’s about to find out otherwise…

Ivana is third to nominate – she names Jonas for being offensive for running around half naked. Also Stephen for breaking the rule about talking about nominations.

Jonas is next up and he nominates Ivana for complaining too much and spending too much time in the toilet. He then nominates Sisqo for not helping out much and for bragging a lot. I think he’s jealous of Sisqo to be honest.

Little stunna Nicola nominates Stephen for being annoying and driving everybody up the wall. She also nominates Ivana for ‘faffing around a lot’.

Sisqo comes in next and names Ivana first for bossing him around. Second, he names Alex because he’s tired of him bullying Stephen and Jonas.

Stephanie is the next housemate to nominate. Instantly she names Stephen for game playing and Ivana because she’s “played her game and needs to be released from her misery”.

Stephen Baldwin is the next housemate to the Diary Room – he instantly names Nicola T for being two-faced. His second name is Dane Bowers for not “handling the Sov situation very well”. I reckon his radar is off, because neither of those two ended up being up for eviction!

Finally, Vinnie Jones is up to nominate – he names Sisqo for not helping the group out when Sov was being difficult. He nominates Alex for snoring and eating three times as much as everybody else.

Ivana Trump, Stephen Baldwin and Sisqo are the three housemates with the most nominations, which means they all face eviction. To make matters worse, it’s a double eviction on Friday, so that’ll make for interesting choices. I like Sisqo, but he’s not been very interesting throughout his stay. Ivana bores me, and although Stephen Baldwin scares the hell out of me with his evangelical stylings, he’s one of the most interesting characters in the house, and a real game player. I say Baldwin to stay – get Ivana and Sisqo out!

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