Celebrity Big Brother: My thoughts on the latest series!

Celebrity Big Brother is about half way through and it’s been quite an interesting series. The favourites keep changing and we are seeing a different side to these celebs. Who might win?

Big Brother finished with Sam winning and the series with Dexter and Gina seems like a distance memory. CBB started on the 22nd of August and 13 housemates were put in the house. We have already seen Danielle (Her main issue was the fact nobody knew who she was!) and Ron (up against strong characters) be evicted from the show.

I have to say I haven’t enjoyed this series as much as the one in January with Rylan and Heidi and Spencer but there are some interesting characters in there. It still doesn’t feel like much has happened in there. Here’s a look at the housemates.

Abz: He has been a big surprise for me as he is a lot quieter than I imagined. He often is seen on his own. This might be due to him suffering with Asperges, which he bravely admitted. Due to vote to save this series, he might be in trouble when he does face the vote. However, I don’t think people will put him up as he seems quite nice. I don’t think he will win though.

Bruce: My opinion of him changes each time in the show. He seemed fairly nice when he originally went in and his relationship with Vicky was quite cool. However, he hasn’t been shown much with Vicky and the moment with the fish was really strange although memorable. He does seem to have a bit of an anger issue and when he was shouting at Lauren I thought he was going to kick off. Potentially could be one of the next to leave

Carol: Carol has been funnier than I thought she would be and she definitely loves stirring in the house. Her impressions of other housemates are quite funny and she gets drunk a lot! She has a really good chance of winning if people get behind her and I think she makes great tele. She seems to be really enjoying her time in the house!

Charlotte: The Geordie Shore girl has a lot of fans outside the house and she is the biggest competition to the other housemates. Personally I don’t find her funny but I know other people love how she is with the getting drunk and wetting herself. I think she puts a lot of it on in the house and seems very attention seeking. She can be quite kind though and has shown that in the house. I think she will definitely make top 2.

Courtney: She has been the biggest surprise for me. When she first went in I thought she was going to be quite silly and act quite blonde. But she seems quite lovely and kind and has been very sweet to Lauren. Despite the age gap between her and her husband, she doesn’t seem like the gold digger type. I think she will be staying a little while longer and could make the final.

Dustin: Dustin has also surprised me due to what I’ve heard in the press about him since Saved By The Bell. His book about the other stars made him sound a bit crazy to be honest but he has appeared quite down to earth in the house. He seems fairly nice and we he gets on quite well with the others. I’m not sure if he’s putting on an act. I don’t think he will make the final.

Lauren:  She is the most interesting to watch in the house. She can appear to do some strange things sometimes and she definitely loves all her outfits. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or hate her in the house. She is a bit over the top with Courtney and although I know she just wants a friend, it’s suffocating Courtney. I think people will vote for her to be saved and she could make the final. She definitely wants to win the most.

Louie: I was excited to see him go in the house. He was really funny in the Cult Of Celebrity and he’s very honest. I don’t like all this ‘I want to go’ and I think it’s losing him popularity. He can get quite moody and I don’t like this side to him. He was very caring with Lauren the other night and he definitely tells people what he thinks. I think he could still win and will definitely make the final.

Mario: I didn’t have a very high opinion of Mario due to watching Towie but he has surprised me in the show. I can’t say I really like him now but he has appeared quite down to earth in the house and gets on well with the other housemates. I thought he was going to be quite attention seeking but he hasn’t been like that at all really. He has a good chance of making the final.

Sophie: I thought she seemed quite nice on the first two shows and was sweet to Louie and Lauren in the Cult Of Celebrity. But now she has shown a different side to her, from trying to move the blame from her for the nominations with Danielle to being very opinionated and bitchy to the other housemates. She does seem to know everything as Carol says. I think she will be out next if nominated.

Vicky: I was surprised to see Vicky go in the house but pleased at the same time. She was quite outspoken at the start but we haven’t seen her so much since. She seems to have a nice relationship with Bruce. I don’t know how much longer she will last in the house as there are bigger characters but she seems quite nice, although a bit bossy in the house.

This series hasn’t been the best and I’m hoping something might happen to make it more interesting. The celebs are quite interesting to watch though and it’s been good to see a different side of them. Emma’s doing a fabulous job! I think ultimately it will be between Carol, Charlotte and Louie for the crown.







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