Celebrity Big Brother – Nicola Tappenden evicted

Glamour model, professional WAG and yummy mummy Nicola Tappenden has been evicted from the Big Brother house – she’s the seventh evictee of the series, following Ivana Trump earlier this evening.

Her eviction was done by stealth – Big Brother called her to the Diary Room and asked her if she was enjoying her stay in the house. When she agrees that she’s enjoyed herself, Big Bro says “Tough, because it’s about to come to an end!” She’s pulled out via a side door in the Diary Room, to masive cheers from the audience.

She tells Davina that her eviction was a bit mean, and she got evicted before she got a chance to say goodbye to the other housemates. They show a stream of hilarious questions that Nicola asked during her time in the house – such as “Do you think Adam and Eve got married?”

Davina asks about Stephen, who called her ‘evil’. Nicola describes him as sweet, but didn’t appreciate his constant preaching. She calls him a “nob” when Davina reveals that Stephen nominated her twice.

Nicola gets a telling off from Davina for squeezing Alex Reid’s spots and helping him do his spray tan. And McCall also teases her about Katie Price having a vendetta against her now, which Nicola momentarily takes seriously! Finally, Nicola says she wants Dane Bowers to win the series. This is interesting though, because there are only four housemates left – Vinnie Jones, Alex Reid, Stephanie Beacham and Dane Bowers. Who will win? Well, one of those four, I suppose.

The other big news is that Davina is now about to enter the house, dressed in the same costume that Nicola was wearing! More on that later.

Oh, by the way – my favourite Nicola T moment? “D-I-C-K….DICK!” I can see a chat show in her future too!

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