Celebrity Big Brother – Sisqo evicted!

The fifth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house is Thong Song singer Sisqo. After witnessing the eviction of Stephen Baldwin earlier, Sisqo left the house wearing a funky crown and was mostly cheered by the audience members in contrast to Stephen.

Sisqo entered the house on Day 1 in a diamante baseball cap, and has been a mostly invisible housemate until the last week. His high point before then was the magic trick he did with Lady Sovereign in which Sov disappeared and was replaced by Ivana Trump.

In the last week, Sisqo decided he needed to be a better role model for viewers and fans watching him on the show and stopped smoking. This caused him to become a little more cranky than normal, culminating in a war of words between him and footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.

Davina compliments Sisqo on the best exit Big Brother has had this year. Sisqo thinks that he was nominated because the other housemates were getting more competitive. When he says that Vinnie might win the series, the studio audience respond with boos. Davina explains that Vinnie’s treatment of Sisqo has made him unpopular outside the house.

He says that he wanted to take Vinnie on, because Vinnie had become the self-appointed leader of the house. He says that Vinnie was a little bossy, but that it worked for the housemates in the beginning.

Davina reveals to him that Big Brother’s punishments were because Sov had stolen the key. She shows him Dane being recruited by the Tree Of Temptation to mess with the housemates, which suddenly make a lot more sense to him. And they play him out with the footage of him wearing his mankini – how could I, a bloke, have forgotten that bit?

[[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother]] now moves into the final stages, with viewers being encouraged to vote for the person they want to win. As the episode plays out, we see the housemates mulling over the audience reaction. Vinnie notes that nobody was baying for Ivana to get out. I wonder if his new campaign will be against Ivana now that his arch-nemesis Sisqo is out?

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